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1st Air Rifle Shooting Competition Opening April 28 ah

Thursday, April 26, 2018

/ Published by VIRTHLI
CCPUR: The 1st Air Rifle Shooting Competition of the 15th Hmar Martyrs' Trophy, Organised by: Pherzawl Dist. Rifle Association (PDRA) under HMARTOB in a huoihawt chu April 28, 2018 (Inrinni) dar 10:00 AM in For One Life, Youth Centre, Saikot, CCPur hmun ah Opening program hmang ning a tih. A hmain April 26-28, 2018 inkar sunga nei dinga ti a ni a. Sienkhawm Student tam tak hi taka ṭhang nuom ve an um leiin April 28, 2018 a inthawka ṭan ta lem ding le Opening program khawm nei ni ta lem ding niin huoihawttu PDRA chun an hril. Hi hun a hin Chief Guest in Pu Lalhrillien MDC, Saikot le Guest Of Honour in Pu H. Balram Singh MPS SP, Pherzawl Dist. Police, Manipur hai ṭhang an tih.

Program chu hieng ang hi ning a tih:
1. Conductor : Pu Robert Infimate.
2. Opening Prayer : Tv. (Rev.) Joseph R. Joute, Director, For
One Life Asia
3. Opening of the Shooting Competition by Chief Guest :
4. Short Speech : HMARTOB
5. Speech by Guest of Honour : (5 mins)
6. Special Nos. : Nk. Lalengvar Sinate
7. Speech by Chief Guest : (10 mins)
8. Closing Prayer : Pu Lalnghaklien Khawbung

Referee/Judges: PDRA members.
1. 20 Meters
2. 40 Meters
3. 60 Meters
4. 70 Meters

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