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Mizoram University a inthawk Doctorate Degree a hmu

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
CCPUR, March 27, 2018 VIRTHLI (ONP): G.C. College, Silchar-a Political Science Department-a Assistant Professor (Stage-II) sin thaw lai mek Pu Vanlallien Pulamte, s/o (L) Lalsapsiem Pulamte le Pi Lalsangzuol Pulamte of Senvawn, Muolveng, Manipur chun March 23, 2018 khan Mizoram University hnuoiah Political Science-ah Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) a lo hmu tah.

A thesis chu – “Socio- Poitical Movements in North East India: A Study of the Hmar Movement” ti a ni a, Prof. K.V. Reddy Supervisor nina hnuoia Doctorate degree hi a hmu a nih.

Dr Vanlallien Pulamte hin kum 1996 khan Puaibuang Govt. H/S ah Class X a zo a, kum 1999 khan Haflong Govt. College, Haflong a inthawk Class XII zoin kum 2002 khan G.C. College, Silchara inthawk BA le kum 2005 khan Assam University hnuoia MA a zo nawk a, kum 2006 khan NET le SLET a zo/tling ve ve a, SLET a lem chu India hmarsak biela mark hmu insang tak palina a ni a, kum 2006 khan a kaina College a bawk Political Science-ah Assistant Professor sin a lo thaw tan a nih.

Ama Dr. Pulamte hi ram le hnam ta dinga mi tangkai takel a ni a, a doctorate degree hmu hi Virthli (ONP) chun a lawmpui hle.
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