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Lawmthu hrilpui le Ṭawngṭaipui dingin ngenna an siem

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

/ Posted by VIRTHLI
Miss Abigail Lalnunnem Pakhuongte d/o Pi Chawngi Hrangkhawl le (L) Pu Saithanglien Pakhuongte of Shillong chun FH Aachen University, Germany ah Master in Bio-Medical Engineering inchûk dingin admission a hmu a. 21st March 2018 hin Delhi a inthawkin a class ṭan dingin a fe ding an tah a. Full German Government Scholarship Tuition Fee Free a kai thei dinga a um hi Pathien kuoma lawmthu hrilpuina le hmatieng Pathien ṭhuoina dingin mi lo ṭawngṭaipui ro tiin Abigail a sunghai chun Virthli (ONP) member hai kuomah ngenna an hung siem.

Abigail hi ei lawmpui hle. Ama ang hi mi an tam naw hle a nih. Inchûklai mek hai ta dinga chona petu a nih.

Ama hi kum 2016 khan hnesaw takin Bharat University, Chennai hnuoiah Bio-Medical Engineering (BME) 1st Class, 1st Position (Gold Medallist) in a zo a nih.

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