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HSA 56th Gen. Assembly innghatna ding Ankhasuo khuo le hriet ding

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

/ Published by VIRTHLI
HSA 56th Gen. Assembly, March 2-4, 2018 inkar sunga in nghatna ding Ankhasuo khuo hi Pherzawl District sunga Hmar khuo pakhat a nih. Jiribam Town, Imphal East District a inthawk 36 KMs a um niin Jiribam Town a inthawk Silchar-Jiribam-Imphal Road (NH-37) hraw a, chu taka inthawka Ankhasuo pan ding hai chun Jiribam-Tipaimukh Road @JT Road lampet ah a hriet awlsam dan ding chun Hijam Irawat Statue lo um a tih. Chu taka inthawk fe peiin Ankhasuo khuo lampet ah changtieng Waiting Shed um a ta, vawitieng ah hi taka suklang a um lampui kawkhmutu (Sign) "WELCOME YOU ARE HERE..." ti hi hmung i tih.

Ankhasuo khuo hi kum 1918 a kha lo sat tah niin tu kum hi Centenary kum khawm a lo ni ve der el tah. Hmar khuo hlun, Manipur-Assam State hai inrina (Boundary) le Tuiruong Vadung (Barak Rivar) kam a um, khuo inhawi tak el, Bazar hai khawm um vawngna le  sumdawngna hmun pawimaw tak a nih.

Hi khuo hi In 250 (approximate) vel tuchen ah umna a nih a. Govt. building: Public Health Centre, Govt. High School, Training Hall under PMGSY, Guests House hai um vawngna a nih.

Chun, Tuiruong Vading ah khawm Tipaimukh le *Hringchar *Hmar Pi-le-pu hai lo ko hlak danin (Silchar)/Hmarkhawlien tienga inthawk khawmin lawng a pan thei vawng a ni bawk.

Mikhuol hai chun mani puonthuo ding chawi ṭul a tih. Chun, Siek-le-sat, a ram leilung thar suok, a chanchin kimchanglem hai khawm hril ding tam tak a um. HSA Gen. Assembly leh inzawm, a bik taka hriet ding le hriet nuom zuolpui, mikhuolhai hriet ding awm chi hai chu Contact Persons Laltlanthang President, HSA Vangai JHQ 📲 +91-76288-40123/Th. Doyamoi Gen. Secy., HSA Vangai JHQ 📲 +91-76288-38847 hai biek a hriet thei ning a tih.

"Kan Ram, Kan Rohlu"
"Serve the Nation"


Issued by:
GALOC (General Assembly Local Organising Committee),
HSA 56th Gen. Assembly,
*Ankhasuo *March 2-4, 2018
"We are proud to be associated with Hmar Students' Association (HSA)"

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