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Indo-UPF & KNO 5th R/o Tripartite Talks zo, Territorial Council an ngen

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
New Delhi/CCPur, Jan. 10, 2018, Virthli (ONP): Vawisun khan New Delhi hmuna Indo-UPF & KNO 5th Round of Tripartite Talks chu nei a nih. Hi hun a hin Interlocutor thar A.B. Mathur chu palai hai leh inhmelhrietna hun an nei. UPF le KNO in an ngiettak State hran (separate statehood) nei ding ti chu inbiekna nuhnungtak khan sawrkar thlungpui chun hi thu hi chu la tosan hri a, a hnung peia la ngaituo áš­ha dinga ngenna le rawtna UPF le KNO kuomah a siem angin UPF le KNO chun State hran thu chu hril ta loin, a hnuoia point hai hi putlut in vawisun khan hriltlang lem ani tah

I) To create an autonomous self-governing body, called Territorial Council, with BTC as model, and having adequate legislative, executive, financial and administrative autonomy.
2) Special provision with respect to the TC area Notwithstanding anything in the Constitution,
(a) No Act of Parliament or Manipur Legislative Assembly in respect of
i) Religious or social practices of the Kuki/Zo people,
ii) Customs, Customary laws and procedure, Culture and traditional practices,
iii) Administration of civil and criminal justice involving decisions according to customary laws,
iv) Ownership and transfer of land and its resources, shall apply to the TC areas unless the Legislative Assembly of the TC by a resolution so decides;
(b) The TC shall have exclusive legislative rights and primacy over Manipur State Legislation in all matters relating to all other subjects devolved to TC as per the MoU
3) Financial autonomy:
a) Separate budget,
b) Separate budget head for TC in both State and Union budget,
c) Direct transfer of all Centrally Sponsored fund, including the proposed Special packages,
d) A non-lapsable 2% annual fund allocation for TC, along the lines of NLCPR, by all Non-exempt Central Ministries for 5 (five) Years.
4) Free Movement Regime (FMR) or Visa-less Movement of Kuki/Zo people on both side of Indo-Myanmar border and opening of MEA Cell in TC areas.
5) Formation of A Separate Committee, namely, Territorial Areas Committee (TAC) in Manipur Assembly with similar power, status, function and responsibilities with existing Hill Areas Committee (HAC).
6) Separate Educational Board for High Schools & Higher Secondary Schools
7) One Member of Parliament in each House, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, and Membership status in NDC and Regional Council or body like Northeast Council.
8) Increase the number of MLAs from TC areas in Manipur Assembly from 11 to 20.
9) Special developmental packages as well as Rehabilitation packages shall be arranged for a specific period.
10) A Parliamentary Bill shall be passed for the establishment of TC and necessary Constitutional Amendment made, in this regard, in the first session of Parliament after signing the Final Agreement. 
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