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Sielmat Bible College in Annual Sports an hmang

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

/ Published by VIRTHLI
CCPUR, October 11, 2017, Virthli (ONP): Sielmat Bible College (SBC) chun October 11, 2017  zing dar 7;00AM  khan  Annual Sports (11th -13th October) 2017 opening ceremony , SBC Campus ah an hmang. Hi Opening ceremony  a hin Rev. Alan L. Thiek in hun hawng tawngtaina a nei a, Tv. Immanuel Zairemthang, Secy.,Games & Sports in lawmlutna thucha hrilna  hun a hmang.

Hi huna Chief guest - Pi Lalthamawi, Administrator, Hill Top School , Sielmat-in thu a hrilna a chun taksa ta dinga  games le sports a pawimawizie thu hai a hril a, games le sports hi mihriem ta dinga hriselna inthluntu a ni thu hrilin games spirit neia Annual sports hi inhawi taka hmang seng dingin a ditsakna  an hlan tawl. Thuhrilna a nei zo hin Torch sitvarna neiin  Annual Sports hawngna a nei. Hi hunser hi Rev. Jaya Kumar, Principal, SBC khawma uop ve in thuhrilna hun a hmang a, SBC sunga hlasakthiem -Jubilee Lalhriatpuii le Lalkozuol ha’n inpakna hla mawi tak tak  an sak , Rev. Michael Z. Zote, Academic Dean, SBC in hun khar tawngtaina neiin opening ceremony hi khar a nih

Hi Annual Sports a hin SBC a inchuklaihai  group  pali(4 ) – Rev. Lienrum  Group, Rev. Thangngur Group, Rev. Thangler Group  le Rev. Taisen Group-in  the an ni a, sun dar 11;00AM SBC Campus le Sielmat playground ah Games & Sports items chi tum tum an nei. Hi Annual Sports a hin individual items- Hig jump, Pillow fighting, Long jump, Blind hit, Taret kick, Badminton, Cock fighting, Obstacle race, Marathon, Needle race, Arm wrestling, Chess, 100m Race le Musical Chair nei mek a ni a. Group items hieng- Brick games, Tunnel Ball, Poison Ball, Tug of war, Four Legs race, Carom board double, Volleyball, Football, Badminton double, Relay race, Aruond the world in 30 minutes le Khokho nei a ni bawk ding a nih. Hi Annual sports hi hungtlung ding October 13, 2017 zan hunah  Prize semna le Closing Cermony nei  ning a tih

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