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Zomi Council - Hmar Inpui Joint Statement

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

/ Published by VIRTHLI
Churachandpur, 08 August 2017

The _Zomi Council_ (the apex body of the Zomi tribes) and the _Hmar Inpui_ (the apex body of the Hmar tribe) noted with immense satisfaction the progress of the tripartite talks between the Government of India, the Government of Manipur and the United People Front (UPF) and the Kuki National Organization (KNO) - signatories to the Suspension of Operation (SoO).

After the successful conclusion of two-rounds of talks, the Union Government showed a sense of purpose and determination to resolve the decades-old conflict by appointing former director of Intelligence Bureau (IB), Dineshwar Sharma, as interlocutor ahead of the third round of talks to be held in New Delhi on August 9, 2017. The Hmar Inpui and Zomi Council wholeheartedly welcome his appointment, and trust that his vast knowledge, grasp and understanding of conflict and the region will fasten the progress of the talks.

The deputation of a strong delegation by the United People Front (UPF) and Kuki National Organziation (KNO) underscored the importance of the political dialogue and the faith reposed in the Union Government by the two armed groups. The Hmar Inpui and the Zomi Council fervently appeal to both the Union and State governments to seize the opportunity, and apply its deepest wisdom to bring about immediate political solution. The Hmar Inpui and Zomi Council wish the political dialogue all success, and look forward to its smooth progression so that a lasting and practical political solution may be worked out sooner than later.

As we stand at a momentous time in our history, the Hmar Inpui and the Zomi Council appeal to all the churches and individuals to spare a few moments and look up to God in gratitude for his care in the days past, and pray for his continued guidance and protection in the days to come. The God who brought Moses out of the bulrushes, the God who parted the Red Sea and the God who allowed the sun to stand still is still our God. Nothing is too difficult for Him!

Let a new dawn come! Let us all stand united!

In solidarity,

General Secretary

General Secretary

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