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June 10 a inthawk 2nd Rengkai Premier League

Thursday, May 25, 2017

/ Published by VIRTHLI
ENTRY FEE : Rs. 2000/- + Rs. 1000/- (Security Deposit)
WINNER : Rs. 20,000/- (Cash Prize) with Trophy
RUNNERS-UP : Rs. 10,000/-(Cash Prize) with Trophy
# Last date of submission of form : 5th June, 2017.
# Form hi Zote Variety Store, Bridge Street, Rengkai, CCPur (Prop. Pu David Zohmingthang, Secy., FAST) kuoma hmu/lak le submit thei ning a tih.
# Thuchieng hrie nuom ha'n Samuel Hmar Hello No. +91-8794141746 ah indawn chieng thei a nih.
Tiem zawm pei rawh-
a. Yellow Card : Rs. 100/-
b. Red Card : Rs. 200/-
c. Decision of the Referees is final.
d. Any Player who accumulate yellow card in successive match will miss the next match.
e. Any Player who accumulate Red Card in a match will miss the next match.
a. Any Team unable to play for for any match should inform the Board before 48 hours of the Match.
b. Any complaint against any player (s) after the match will not be entertain after the Kick-off.
c. Only three (3) Playe substitution will be allow.
3. DRESS CODE : Team/Club hai reng reng in players hai uniform (Full Dress) a inthuom tir dinga inhriettir ei nih. Chun Jersey, Halfpant, Shocks hai khawm an ang vawng dinga inhriettir ei nih. Hi thu zawm lo a a dang hung bun tawk tawk hai chu Ground lut thei nawng an tih.
4. MATCH POSTPONED : Club/Team hai hrim hrim Board hai in fixture an siem ta sa hai hi suk danglam thei ni ta nawng a tih. Bandh le Thina leia Match Postponed ding thu ah Board haiin thuneina insangtak nei an ta, Chu chu final Decision ni bawk a tih.
a. Rengkai sung a Club siemnuom (Memorial Club/ Vengbuk/ Section/ Association / Organisation etc) nuom nuom thang thei ning a tih.
b. Players khuodanga mi hung thang an um chun Board a cheng Rs. 300/- mi pakhat peia pek ngai a tih.
c. Club in khuodang (Outside Rengkai) players a nuom nuom la thei a ta, amiruokchu Rengkai mi ngei players 1st Eleven ah 3 (Pathum) bek an thang ngai a tih.
d. Team thang po hi pool a thre phot ning an ta, Group stage league pet phot an ta, chu zoa chun Transfer window kar khat (1 week) hawng a ni zoa, group tin a winner le Runner’s up hai in ROUND ROBIN LEAGUE khel an tih.
e. Hi League sunga Fans/Players/Officials/mi tuel khawm buina siem an um chun Organising Board in an chung thu rel a tih.
f. Players verification khau taka en nieng a tih.
g. Last date of submission of form : 5th June, 2017.
h. Form hi Zote Variety Store, Bridge Street (Prop.Pu David Zohmingthang, Secy., FAST) a submit thei ning a tih.
i. Match timing hnunga 15 mins char in nghak ning a tih.
j. Match timing a players 7 an la tling naw chun forfeit (3-0) ning a tih.

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