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Shillong Hmar Martyrs Trophy 2017

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

/ Posted by Simon L Infimate
The 2nd Shillong Hmar Marytrys Trophy chu hung tlung ding May 8 - 16, 2017 sung hin nei dingin HYA Jt. Hqrs., Shillong inrawina hnuoiah Shillong Hmar Martyrs’ Trophy Organising Board (HMARTOB) chun a lo relthluk a. Hi taka thang nuom hai ta dingin a hnuoia ang hin riruongna siem a nih:

Entry Rules:
1. Team pakhatah players 16 le manager inzieklut thei ning a tih.
2. Team suok ding hrim hrim haiin players a tam lem Hmar community a mi (Hmar mi-le-sa annawleh Hmar tawng hmang kohrana inkhawm) la in, hnam dang (zohnathlak) mi 5 (panga) chen la sa thei bawk an tih.
3. Entry Fee: Rs. 2000; Security Deposit: Rs. 500
4. Last date of registration: 5 May 2017

Trophy latu (winners) hai kuomah Rs. 20,000 + Trophy + Certificates pek ning a ta, Runners-up hai kuomah Rs. 10,000 + Certificates pek ni bawk a tih. Individual prizes - Best Player, Best Goalkeeper le Top Scorer hai khawm pek ni sa bawk a tih.

Hi tournament a thang nuom hai chun May 5, 2017 hma ngeiin a hnuoia hming ziek hai kuoma hin inzieklut thei ning a tih.

1. Tv. Joyful Thiek, Venglai
2. Tv. Vanlalmuon Khuongpui, Demthring
3. Tv. Joel Zodinglien, Hebron

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