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55-Tipaimukh AC ah Dr. Chaltawnlien Amo a hrat

Saturday, March 11, 2017

/ Posted by Unknown
CCPur, March 11, 2017, Virthli (ONP): 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly 2017 results chu tiem mek a nia, 55-Tipaimukh AC ah Dr. Chaltawnlien Amo chu vote 638 in hratna a chang. Dr. Chaltawnlien Amo hin vote 4990 a hmua, a dawttu Dr. L Fimate in vote 4352 ahmu a nih. Tipaimukh AC a hin a rengin vote 17480 a uma, tuta election a vote tla popo chu 11768 a nih.
Dr. Chaltawnlien Amo hi kum 1995, 2002, 2012 haia khawm lo tling tah, tuta mi hi Term 4 a tlingna ani tah.

A tlingna le inzawm hin Pu Dr. Chaltawnlien Amo chun a tling nawk hi mipuiin tul an tia, an ring le an beisei ang takin hlawtlingna a chang ani thu a hrila, a sin bangkhai le hmabak tamtak um hai chu thaw dingin hma a lak tan nghal ding thu a hril. Chun Churachandpur, Pherzawl District le Manipur state ta dingin theitawp in hma laa sin thaw dingin a hrilsa bawk a nih.

55-Tipaimukh AC a an vote hmudan:
Dr. Chaltawnlien Amo (INC) : 4990
Dr. Lallukhum Fimate (BJP): 4352
Ngursanglur Sanate (NPP): 2163
Ngurrivung (IND): 132
Thangthatling Sinate (IND): 106
None of the Above : 25
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