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HPC (D) le Mizoram sawrkar inbiek ding la sawn hri phawt

Sunday, September 18, 2016

/ Posted by VIRTHLI HMAR
Aizawl, September 18, 2016, Virthli (ONP): HPC (D) le Mizoram sawrkar tuta thla lailunga inbiekna (second round of talk) nei nawk dinga riruonga um chu la sawn hla hri phawt a nih. Mizoram sawrkar chun hi inbiekna ding sawnhlat hi HPC (D) le Mizoram sawrkar inkara buoina/inremnawna um lei ani naw thu a hril. Inbiek nawk hun ding ruok chu Home Minister R Lalzirliana chair na hnuoia home department officials hai chu hung tlung ding September 20, 2016 hin inthung an ta, inbiekna hun ding le hmun ding sukfel an tih. HPC (D) le Mizoram sawrkar inbiekna a vawikhatna chu Aizawl hmuna August 10 khan boruok muongam tak hnuoia nei a nih.  

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