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Noah’s Ark hawng

Saturday, July 2, 2016

/ Published by VIRTHLI
CCpur, July 2, 2016, Virthli (ONP): Hope-empowerment and Development Foundation hai Project laia pakhat ve, Noah’s Ark (A Psychological Support, Care and Counselling Centre) chu vawituk dar 8:30 AM khan Pu Daniel L. Traite a chengna In, Muolhlum Rengkai ah hawngna hunser hmang a nih. Hunhawng tawngtaina Rev. Lalthlenglien in a nei zovin Dr. L Fimate in ribbon cutting le hawngna hun a hmang.

Hi huna hin Pu Dr. L Fimate chun lungril sawl le lungrilnatna nei hai thangpui nuomna neia Counselling centre an buotsai chu lawmum a ti thu a hril a. A hril peina a chun mihriem za-a sawmriet hai chu lungril natna nei an ni thu hrilin,mihriem hin taksa hriselna el bakah lungril hriselna ei pawimawi zie thu hai ursun takin a hril. Hma tieng peia hai khawm hi counselling Centre hi a thei ang anga a thangpui ding thu a hril bawk.

Hi huna hun chang ve, Pu Lalramsang Infimate, ADC, Bishnupur le Rev. Lalthlenglien hai chun hieng anga Pu Daniel L. Traite in Noah’s Ark (A Psychological Support, Care and Counseling Centre) a buotsei chu lawmum an ti thu hrilin. hi Noah’s Ark hi mi tam takin an tangkaipui ngei an beisei thu an hril bawk.

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