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JCILPS in Bill thar an demand

Thursday, June 16, 2016

/ Published by VIRTHLI
Imphal, June 16, 2016 : President of India in Protection of Manipur Peoples’ (PMP) Bill 2015 remtipuna (assent) a pek naw leiin, Bill 3 hai pass na dinga hmalatu Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS) hai chun State sawrkar in July Assembly Session sung ngei-ah PMP Bill 2015 thlaktu ding Bill thar siema pass ngei dingin an tin.

Bill pahni dang Manipur Land Revenue and Land Reforms (7th Amendment) Bill 2015 le Manipur Shops and Establishments (2nd Amendment) Bill 2015 hai central sawrkar in mithiem hai le civil society hai le la entha dinga a ti hai chu pawma Dan (Acts) a an chang thei ngei na dingin BJP Manipur Pradesh chu hmalatutak nisien an ti bawk a nih.

Nuorna chidang dang, sit-in-protest, public demonstration hai chu fepui pei an tum thu hai hril in, an Slogan thar ding chu “Implement ILPS”, “Pass a new Bill in place of PMP Bill”, “Translate all the points agreed between JCILPS and the State Government into action”, “Revoke declaration of Khomdram Ratan as a wanted man” ti hai ni tang ata, hieng hai hi khekpui ni tang a tih tiin JCILPS Convenor BK Moirangcha chun chanchinbumihai kuoma a hril.
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