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France24 Team back to Paris Hqrs after taking proper account of the Kukis

Friday, June 3, 2016

/ Published by VIRTHLI
June 3, 2016 : As announced earlier, Paris based TV channel France24 team led by its senior Asia reporter Cyril Payen was in town from 29th June-2nd June,2016.

During their short stay the team visited 1917-1919 Kuki Independence War Memorial Complex at Songpi,Ccpur and filmed the details about the Anglo-Kuki war with help of Dr.Seilen Haokip and Thangboi M. Haokip who narrated accounts of the war to the visiting team.

In their mission to consolidate the Kuki-Mannaseh connections,the team visited Bnei Mannaseh Synagouge at B.Vengnom and held series of intereactions with the members. The team conducted family visits to some of the prominent members of the Bnei Mannaseh families in the town including popular Kuki singer Benny Khongsai.

The team visited Hermon designated camp of the Kuki National Organisation (KNO) wherein they witnessed Oath-Taking Ceremony -cum-Passing Out parade of around 30 new recruits under KNO flag which contains David Star at the centre.

"David Star" that adorns the centre of KNO flag which has striking similiarity with Israel flag excited the French team.

They also visited border town of Moreh and however were denied visa by Myanmar authorities to enter Tamu.

They also held exclusive interviews with the president of KNO, Pu PS Haokip and the Secretary of Defense Pu TS Haokip seperately.

After collecting all the details about the Kukis-their geneological connections with Israel,history and their current political senario they left Lamka for Paris on the 2nd June,2016.
Kuki traditional dresses,books about Kukis, artefacts etc.were presented to the visiting French team by the KNO leadership.

It can be recalled that France24 is a Paris based TV network which telecast in four languages namely French,English,Urdu and Spanish and the TV channel enjoys more than 250 million viewers worldwide.

Source: SimleMarNet News Network
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