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Imphal-ah Regional Seminar-cum-Consultation on Hmar Dialect nei

Saturday, May 14, 2016

/ Published by VIRTHLI
Imphal, May 14, 2016 (VIRTHLI): Hmar Literature Society (HLS) hnuoia Hmar Literary and Vernacular Committee, Imphal (HLVCI) le Hmar Students’ Association, Imphal Joint Headquarters hai inkawp a buotsai “One-Day Regional Seminar-cum-Consultation on Hmar Dialect” ti chu Tribal Research Institute, Imphal, Manipur hmunah nei a nih. Hi seminar hi Tribal Research Institute, Imphal, Government of Manipur in a sponsor a nih.

Hi Seminar a hin participants -inchuklai, nu le pa mi 100 vel an thang bakah HYA, Hmar Inpui le hnam hotu dang dang hai an thang bawk a nih. Vawisuna seminar papers, rapporteurs' report, action plan le declaration pawm hai po po chu lekhabu ISBN nei ngeia sutdawk dinga ti ania, June thla bul ngeia semsuok hman dinga ti a ni bawk.

Hun karlakah lasakhiem Tleirawl Lorinda Hrangdokim le Nunghak Thangremsiem haia inthawkin hla ngaithlak a nia, seminar paper hai present zo ani hnunga hriltlangna (Discussion le Deliberation) huna hmang niin a hlawtling hle a nih. Hi seminar a thang hai po hi Certificate tha tawk tak pek anni a,hlimtlang taka ruoithe ani bawk a nih.

Hi huna resource person le an thupui present hai chu a hnuoia ang hi a nih;
1. Pu Lalruoivel Pangamte : Hmar tawng hrietchiengna le hmathlirna (Understanding Hmar dialect and its prospects)
2. Pu Ramthienghlim Varte: Hmar tawng hmasawn Dan le thanglien pei dan ( Hmar language and its development through years)
3. Pi Zosangkim: Hmar tawng hmasawn Dan ding lampui: Hmalakpei Dan ding (Development of Hmar dialect:The road ahead)
4. Pu James Songrolal Songate: Hla Thu le tawng hmang pangngai: A hmang Dan le hun (Poetic and common language: Contextual usage)
5. Prof. Laldena : Hmar tawng hmang le ziek dan (Spoken and written Hmar dialect)
6. Nk. Lalhlimum: Tawng hi hnam a Ni? ( Is a tribe defined solely by its dialect?)

Hi Seminar thiltum chu (Saptawng in): 

The proposed program is aimed at protecting, promoting and revitalizing the dialect of the Hmar peoples. Keeping in mind the fragile and precarious condition of the Hmar community and their cultures, the project has the following objectives and goals:

1. Strengthening the Hmars’ resilience to assimilation, loss of cultural identity by empowering and revitalizing their dialect;
2. Encourage women groups and youths to be the vehicle for such linguistic transmissions;
3. Create a gender and socially integrated population of active speakers (or users) of the dialect- both written spoken language;
4. Encourage the informal use of the language among people of all age groups and within families and bolster its daily use through.

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