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13th Manipur State Level Hmar Martyrs' Trophy Update: Fans hau pawl Bungkhawpui FC a la che ṭha pei

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

CCPUR | Virthli News: The 13th Hmar Martyrs' Trophy Football Tournament 2016 Saikot Playground, Saikot, CCPur a nei a um mek chu a en a’n hawi deu deu a. Entu mipui (fans) hau pawl ve ve Bungkhawpui FC le FAST-'A' chu April 27, 2016 zantieng dar 3pm khan an inkhel a, full time an play zoin FAST- ‘A’ chu 2-0 in an hneban. Anni hi Knock Out Round lut tah in May 5, 2016 3pm khin play nawk an tih.

Bungkhawpui FC hi Parbung khuo hminga suok an ni a. Parbung hi CCPur  Town a inthawka tlaktiengpanga um, 220 KMs vela hlaa um, Tipaimukh Sub-Div Hqrs a nih. Anni team/club hin Pathien kuoma  ṭawngṭaina an ngaina em em a, an logo a meu khawm kraws a um ngat a nih. Bungkhawpui FC hi an play zatin mipui entu hau tak an la ni pei bawk. Mi tam takin Final an kai ngei an lo ring tah a, hunin a la hung hril pei ding a nih.

Hi trophy a team 32 hai laia team pakhat ni ve in, Poll khat ah team 4 pei umin Pool A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H hai laia Pool ‘B’ niin tuchen ah an pool ah Point le Score in sang tak an nih. Hun liem tah a Bungkhawpui FC in an khingpui hai goal ah an lo thun lut dan chu hiengang hi a nih.

14-4-2016: Bungkhawpui FC 2 vs SKMT Old Gelmuol 1
19-4-2016: Bungkhawpui FC 3 vs ZTFC (V&K) 0
27-4-2016: Bungkhawpui FC 2 FAST-‘A’ 0

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