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Silchar tlangval M.Phil hmu ding

Thursday, March 31, 2016

/ Published by VIRTHLI
Silchar, March 31,2016 (Virthli): Tlangval Emmanuel Lalrochang Hmar, Rongpur, Silchar- a um mêk chun M.Phil degree hmuna ding thesis submission seminar chu Assam University, Mass Communication Department hnuoiah a lo pêk fel tah. Tukum University Convocation hunah M.Phil degree Assam University-in an hlan tah ding a nih. Ama hi Pu Lalhming Țhiek le Lalrameng hai naupasal laia a mitlum lem a nih. A topic "EFFECTIVENES OF TRADITIONAL MEDIA AND PRACTICES AMONG THE HMAR PEOPLE OF DIMA HASAO DISTRICT IN ASSAM" ti niin, Hmar tlângval, Traditional Media chungchang research thaw thei ngat a nih. A thesis hi inchûklai le thil hre nuomhai ta dingin bengvârna tling ngei a tih.

Tuhin tlangval Emmanuel hi Baptist Bible College, Silchar, Department of English-a lecturer sin thawlai mek a nih.

HSA Silchar Branch chun a lawmpui hle a. Hmahun ditum tak nei pei dingin a ditsak.

Reporting: Gospell Songate
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