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SHAIDC demands implementation of Mizoram-HPC Accord

Saturday, February 13, 2016

/ Published by VIRTHLI
Aizawl, Ferbruary 12, 2016: The Mizoram based Sinlung Hills Accord Implementation Demand Committee (SHAIDC), has demanded Lal Thanhawla led Congress Government to implement terms of the peace accord signed between Mizoram’s Congress and the erstwhile Hmar people’s Convention (HPC) in 1994 and warned to approach a high court in case assurance of action is not intimated within one month from now.

Speaking to reporters here on Friday, SHAIDC chairman Vanlalsiama said the organisation submitted a written appeal to state’s chief minister Lal Thanhawla on 10 February demanding the latter to conduct general election to Sinlung Hills Development Council  (SHDC) for proper functioning of the council and to enable  people make their choice on chairman and members of the council under a democratic framework. SHDC came into exist after the signing of MoS between the Government of Mizoram and the HPC on July 27, 1994.

He said that the implementation of the peace accord is eminently important for political safeguard and economic development of the Zo communities of SHDC .

Accusing the Congress of playing red tapism, SHAIDC secretary Lalparkunga who accompanied the chairman said the state government has not only delayed the implementation of the peace accord but also offered chairmanship of the council to any individual with whom it pleased, by taking advantage of intra-party squabble and leadership crisis among the Hmar leaders. “22 Years have lapsed since the signing of Mizoram-HPC accord in 1994 but no measures have been sincerely taken to implement terms of the peace accord and we are dismay at the Government's indifference,” Parkunga alleged.

He added that the organisation has no links with the underground or HPC (D) and their priority is holding general election which is part of an important step towards upgradation of the council. “We want to make decision through election and enjoy our voting rights which are vividly an important components of democracy. We want to erase the government’s dictating and discriminatory act of appointing individual chairman of whom it likes,” he said.

The organisation also urged the chief minister to meet its demand before 27 July.

After six years of insurgency demanding the creation of autonomous district in the Hmar dominated area of north Mizoram, the Hmar People’s Convention entered into peace settlement with the Government of Mizoram on July 27, 1994 which resulted in the creation of SHDC  on May 8, 1997, three years after the signing of the peace accord.

As per the provisions of peace accord, the SHDC was said to function initially for 2 years as interim after which the state Government will take immediate measure for inclusion of an area to be specified within HPC demand area (SHDC) in the Scheduled (Tribal) Area of the sixth schedule to the constitution of India so that the above mentioned areas are safeguarded under sixth schedule to the constitution of India.
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