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Pu Lamlun Buhril Doctorate Degree Inhlan a nih

Monday, January 18, 2016

/ Published by VIRTHLI
CCPur, 18 January, 2016: Pu Lamlun Buhril S/o Rev.B.Nengzachin, Beuhlalane, Ccpur chu Doctor of Philosophy in Physical Education SunRise University, Rajasthan hnuoiah Dec 2015 khan inhlan a nih.

A thesis chu "A study in Anthropomatric characteristic and Co ordinative abilities of football players in different playing positions and their interaction with different regions" a nih.

Ama hi kum 16 lai Assistant professor sin a lo thaw tah a, tuhin SAI,LNPCE ,Trivandrum, Kerela State ah Assistant Director sin chelin a nuhmei le a nau 3 hai leh an khawsa mek a nih. Tlangmi hai laiah inkhelna tienga Doctorate degree nei hmasatak nia hriet khawm ani bawk.

A hlawtlingna hi ei lawm takzet a, hmatienga khawm hlawtlingna ditum tak hung chang pei dingin ditsakna ei inhlan nghal.
Source:Elares Zote Neitham
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