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Uttarankhand MP raised Manipur tribal Issues

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Uttarankhand  MP  Shri Tarun Vijay raised Manipur tribal issues at the Indian Parliament today. 

Watch between 4:57 – 7:48 minutes.

Youtube Link :

"We are the children of India, they are the children of mother India, whatever their demand is, it should be look into seriously and sincerely. They are our children, we must look into sensitive heart, with the spirit of belongingness, they are also always feeling a sense of alienation, they feel Delhiis not listening to them, the central govt is not listening to them, I am voicing their concern here. They are sitting at jantar mantar, more than 92 days have passed. Unfortunately they have not done the last rite of their children in Manipur. I demand sir, that the government should look into it."

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