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AMTWUC Press Release

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

/ Published by VIRTHLI
the 12th December, 2015

The All Manipur Tribal Women Union was first established in 2001 with the objectives of peace and development in mind. Since its inception All Manipur Tribal Women Union has not been very active in social activities till 2009, when the state Congress government under Mr Ibobi Singh as Chief Minister took a cabinet decision to open Commando post in all the district of the state. To this effect the AMTWU vehemently opposed and tooth and nails this decision of sending the Commando Forces into all the hill district of Manipur.

Argument : 01 against the government decision:
The Union argued that the Congress Government must withdraw the cabinet decision taken as there was already peace and harmony in the hill district following the SoO pact signed and the ceasefire implemented in the hill areas, what was the need of sending the Commando Force where there was already peace.

 Argument: 02 against the government decision:
When the Commando’s could kill anyone right in the heart of Imphal city under the nose of Chief Minister and with the media all round the clock, what could have happen if the eveready trigger happy commando Forces are deployed in the hill district areas, It is sure that, there would have been bloodshed and chaos once the Commandos took position in the hill areas.

As a result, the Union Successfully won the fight against sending the Commando Forces in the hill district. The Union has been relentlestly working towards peace and development whenever the need arises. It is very unfortunate there seems to have been misunderstood inspite of all sacrifices made by the Union.

We have every respect for every Tribe Leader. The All Manipur Tribal Women Union, Churachandpur is only focusing our attention towards the withdrawal of the three Anti-Tribal bills. Till today the Union has not collected any cash from anyone, we stand on our own feet which is great sacrifice and request every right thingking people to suppoort us in our endeavour for the withdrawal of the three anti-tribal bills.

Last, but not the least it is hereby clarified that Manipur was erroneously omitted in our previous letter. Hence in future the union should be read as All Manipur Tribal Union, Churachandpur (AMTWU).

On behalf of All Manipur Tribal Women Union, Churachandpur

Sd/- Nianglian, Sd/ Niangkhanching, Sd/- Buonzamawi, Sd/- Lalrimawi, Sd/- Ngaikhanvung,
Sd/- Niangsial, Sd/- Ramthienghlim, Sd/- Lydia Lalpienghun, Sd/- Douching, Sd/- Joyce Vaiphei,
Sd/- Kimboi Vaiphei, Sd/- Thenboi Gangte, Sd/- Ruth, Sd/- Dorothy Hrangate, Sd/- Tinglalngak
Convenors: All Manipur Tribal Union, Churachandpur.
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