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UPF condemns ‘bossy agitation’ in Ccpur; reiterates stand against bills

Friday, October 2, 2015

/ Published by VIRTHLI
KANGPOKPI, October 1: The United People’s Front (UPF) reiterated its strong resistance and enmity against the three controversial bills passed by the Manipur State Assembly on August 31 and at the same time slammed the alleged mob’s bossy agitation over the bills in Churachandpur.

Speaking to media persons this afternoon at Kangpokpi, UPF Information and Publicity secretary Thanglenlal Doungel, who is also the chairman of Kuki Revolutionary Front (KRF), said that UPF has already clued-up both the Centre and State governments about its strong resistance and its enmity of the three controversial bills.

He continued that the front will never blend with any Acts or Provisions which undermine and imperil the rights and privileges of the tribal in general and the Kukis in particular.

While sharing the pain and grief of the nine bereaved families, Thanglenlal Doungel said that UPF salutes and honours the 9 young bloods who “heroically sacrificed their today for better tomorrow.”

Meanwhile, the UPF has strongly denounced the torching of its general secretary’s residence and vehicles in Churachandpur on September 26 by the alleged “bossy agitators.”

The UPF vehemently condemned the unfortunate bossy agitation in Churachandpur over the controversial bills and expressed our unhappiness over the burning of the front’s general secretary’s residence and vehicles said UPF Inf.&Pub.Secretary.

“It is extremely a dispirited episode when some bossy agitators torched the residential house and vehicles of UPF general Ssecretary, Thanglianpau Guite, who is also the president of ZRO/ZRA on September 26, a significant day of the UPF and KNO”, asserted Thanglenlal Doungel.

He recalled that on September 26, the two umbrella organizations of the Kuki arms group UPF and KNO had markedly agreed on important issues which never existed before among the two umbrella organizations for the welfare of the people.

“It is very unfortunate that on this special day an unforgettable heartrending event occurred in the Kuki revolutionary movement”, averred the UPF Information and Publicity secretary, while adding that the Thanglianpau Guite is a national worker for tribal unity.

The UPF also appeals the general public to take up any form of agitation in a very democratic ways and eschew violence in future.

Source: Imphal Free Press
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