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HNA slams Dr Amo

Saturday, October 31, 2015

/ Published by VIRTHLI

CCpur, Oct 31: The Hmar National Army (HNA), an armed group under the SoO pact, has today slammed Tipaimukh MLA and HAC Chairman Dr Chaltonlien Amo accusing him of valuing his post more than the welfare of the tribals and his constituency even as it laid down three crucial demands to evade a boycott from his tribesmen.

A statement of the outfit said Dr Amo, being the HAC Chairman is fully responsible for the 3 anti-tribal bills pass-ed by Manipur Government.

‘Even if the state Government sidelined the HAC, being a tribal representative he should have the courage to oppose the Bills to safeguard the tribal interests. On the contrary, he continues to justify himself publicly and choose to be indifferent while the tribal world is literally burning. His attitude shows that he values his MLA title more than the welfare of the tribals and his constituency. This blatant act of treachery by Chaltonlien brought dishonour not only to him but to the whole of Hmar tribe to which he belongs,’ it said.

Since Chaltonlien belongs to the Hmar community, the HNA said, it has decided to take full responsibility for the treacherous conduct of one of his tribesmen. It has accordingly tendered public apology to all the tribal communities of Manipur, ‘especially’ to the families of the tribal martyrs, and those who suffered physical injuries because of the Bills, and asked for forgiveness from the tribal communities in the name of the Almighty.

The HNA has meanwhile set a three-point demand before Dr Amo for his ‘treacherous’ conduct against the Tribal people. If these demands are ignored then the outfit said the HAC Chairman will be boycotted by the Hmar tribe and he should be held responsible for anything untoward incident happening to him.

Paying Rs 1 lakh each to families of the nine Martyrs, as a condolence and Rs 10,000 each to all those who are injured because of the anti-tribal bills; tendering a public apology in person to ATSUM, UNC, KIM, ZC, HI, MPC, KIC and all JPO, JAC and Women organisations of Churachandpur district before November 12; and his resignation from the HAC Chairmanship and MLA before he tenders the public apology and to duly submit his resignation letter to the Speaker and to all the above mentioned tribal organisations, are the points the HNA has laid down before Dr Amo.

It further stipulated that the public apology should be tendered at Rev Changa Memorial Chapel Hall.

Asserting that it does not discriminate any communities of Manipur, but respect the fact that ‘we’ all belong to Tibeto-Burman group, the HNA said it desires that all communities should live peacefully with one another and help each other to strive for a better future.
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