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UPF SoO keisei nawk a nih

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

/ Published by VIRTHLI
New Delhi, June 9,2015: United Peoples Front (UPF), Manipur sawrkar le India sawrkar han Suspension of Operation (SoO) an ziek chu August 21, 2014 khan a tawp a, inhriethiemna leiin August 2014 a inthawk khan June 9, 2014 chen keisei ni nawk in vawisun khan Hotel Janpath, New Delhi hmuna Manipur, Central Sawrkar le UPF palai hai inthungkhawmna neiin a hmaa Tripartite Agreement an lo signed ta sa "Agreed Ground Rules" dungzuiin August 9, 2016 chen a dingin keisei nawk remti tlang in an lo keisei nawk tah.

Manipur sawrkar aiaw hin K. T. Vaiphei IG (INT), Govt. of Manipur, Central sawrkar aiaw in  Shambhu Singh, Joint Secretary (NE) Ministry of Home Affairs a thanga UPF palai Aaron Kipgen of KNF, Calvin H. of ZRO, P Chongloi of KRA (U), President of ZDV Kamkhanpao, L. Sanga Hmar of HPC(D), General Secretary of UKLF Daniel Haokip, Gen. Secy of KRF Henkholal Doungel, President of ZRF P.S. Hangshing hai an nih.

UPF hnuoia hin Kuki National Front(KNF), Zomi Re-unification Organisation, Kuki Revolutionary Army (Unification)-KRA(U), Zou Defence Volunteer(ZDV), Hmar Peoples Convention (Democratic) - HPC(D), United Kuki Liberation Front (UKLF) le Kuki Revolutionary Front, Zomi Revolutionary Front hai an um a nih.

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