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Court rejects alleged militant’s bail plea, police slap additional charge of extortion

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

/ Published by VIRTHLI
Aizawl, May 11, 2015: A court on Monday rejected the bail plea of an alleged “private” of the Hmar People’s Convention Democratic (HPCD) who was arrested along with the Manipur-based militant group’s “army chief” Lalropuia Famhoite and “finance secretary” Norbar Sanate near south Assam’s Silchar town on April 16.

The Mizoram Police has meanwhile slapped an additional charge of extortion against the three arrested men, who currently face up to a decade behind bars if they are convicted of the more than ten charges against them, including extortion, issuing death threats, kidnapping, mischievous use of explosives and criminal intimidation, among others.

Alleged “private” Ngurthantluanga Sanate had moved a bail plea in the Aizawl District Court on grounds that he was not a member of the HPCD.

The Sub-Divisional Police Officer of Manipur’s Churachandpur town, Emmanuel Fimate, and the village head of Ngurte, also within Churachandpur district, had written to the Mizoram government testifying to Ngurthantluanga’s good character and that he is not a member of the militant group.

The court however rejected the bail plea by citing a previous Supreme Court order based on “public interest”.

The Mizoram Police meanwhile slapped an additional charge of extortion against the three men and produced a written note demanding Rs 5000 from the heads of Palsang village back in 2013. The note bears Lalropuia’s alleged signature.

Source: The Indian Express
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