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CCpur road junction named after soldier killed in IED attack

Monday, May 18, 2015

/ Published by VIRTHLI
CCpur, May 17: In a rare act of showing appreciation and solidarity to the Khuga battalion, Churachandpur under 27 Sector, three village chiefs today erected a stone plaque naming the Khuga Dam-Singat Road junction as `Mohan Junction`™.

Following the formal inaugural function, Mata Village chief Kampu Vaiphei flanked by fellow chiefs of Bualian Village N Vaiphei and K Gamnuam Village Lamthang spoke to media persons and said the three village chiefs endorse the naming of the road junction and any kinds of vandalizing the plaque will be considered as an act against the three villages.

He continued the public can contact the village chiefs in case of any act of vandalism to the plaque so that action can be taken up against the miscreants with the help of law enforcing agencies.

He also asserted that the three village chiefs had themselves asked the CO of the Khuga Battalion as to how they can reciprocate good deeds of the battalion taken up under the Civic Action programmes as which the CO asked them to name the Khuga-Dam-Singat Road junction as `Mohan Junction`™ in honour of the battalion`™s soldier who was killed in an IED explosion near the Myanmar border village of Theigotang in the month of May last year.

It may be recalled that (L) Havildar G.Mohan Kumar was killed on the onset of the 25th Madras Regiment taking over from the Gorkha Regiment last May. He is survived by his wife and infant son.

The inaugural plaque is inscribed with the words, `Mohan Junction named after Late Havilder G.Mohan Kumar who laid his life for the people of Manipur and for the country`

It may also be mentioned that a school boy from Tuilaphai Village of Henglep who was bitten by a snake was saved by the Khuga Battalion medical team last night by administering anti-venom injection.

The boy identified as Manggoulian son of (L)Hauthang is a Class X student of Vumhao Govt Hight School located at Tuilaphai Village of Henglep.

According to his brother, Manggoulian was bitten by a snake around 9:30 last night and was first rushed to the Churachandpur District Hospital but was told that there was no anti-venom injection in the hospital.

However, the boy was injected with an antibiotic, he continued.

Later on the family called on the sitting member of ADC, Churachandpur Grace Zamnu who is a family friend for long, he said adding that the ADC member called on the 35th madras Regiment following which the CO of the battalion send his medical team, he continued.

It is also learnt that on May 14, the battalion had saved another snake bite victim from Mualbem Village.

Meanwhile, Tuilaphai villagers on being asked said there was a government dispensary in their village, however, the doctor comes only occasionally and on rare occasions.

They said the boy was lucky that he had the means of transport and was saved.

Source: Imphal Free Press
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