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MNF accuses Congress of using militant group for political gains

Saturday, April 25, 2015

/ Published by VIRTHLI
Aizawl, April 25, 2015: Mizoram’s main opposition Mizo National Front on Friday accused the ruling Congress of harboring and using one of two HPCD militant group factions for political gains and of planning to declare the state’s northern region as a “disturbed area” because the government covets special security-related funds such areas are entitled to get from the Centre.

“The Congress has been working with rebels, and it has fallen into it’s own trap,” the MNF’s spokesperson and MLA Lalruatkima said, terming one faction of the HPCD as “Pu Zira’s soldiers”, Pu Zira being the popular alias for Home Minister R Lalzirliana. Lalruatkima quoted from a public statement issued last November by the Zosangbera faction of the HPCD, which accused the Congress of instigating the former president of the then unified HPCD — Lalhmingthang Sanate a.k.a Hmingtea — to commit acts of violence to shame the then MNF government just before the 2008 elections.

Hmingtea was ousted from the HPCD several years ago, and Zosangbera has since become the group’s chairman. Both Hmingtea’s and Zosangbera’s groups claim to be the genuine HPCD.

Mizoram has for the past three decades been one of the country’s most peaceful states and, given it’s location in the fringes of the troubled North-East region, incidents of militant activity is locally considered a political liability.
Lalruatkima also accused Home Minister R Lalzirliana of using the state’s police force to protect Hmingtea’s men inside Mizoram, and alleged several instances of the group creating trouble in villages of having taken place in recent months and years.

The MNF MLA also accused Home Minister R Lalzirliana of pushing ahead with plans to declare the state’s northern regions as a “disturbed area” because he “covets” special security-related funds such regions are entitled to receive from the Centre.

Source: The Indian Express
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