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HPC (D) Geneva Call ah

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

/ Published by VIRTHLI
CCpur, 24 Nov.,2014: United Nations Organisation Office (UNOG), Switzerland khawpui Geneva ah 17 - 20 November, 2014 sung khan NGO Geneva Call in 3rd Meeting of Signatories “To the Deed of Commitment - Geneva Call” ti inthungkhawmna an nei naah HPC (D) khawm an zu thang ve a nih. Geneva Call a hin khawvel rambung tum tum a inthawka ramhnuoimi/helpawl group 40 laizet a inthawkin palai an fekhawm a nih. HPC (D) bak a hin Manipur a inthawkin ZRO, KNO, le KNP (P) hai khawm an zu thang ve a vawisun khan Manipur an hung vuong lut nawk tah.

Geneva Call a signatories hai hin vantlang - mipui laka landmine kam lo ding, Gender issue dang dang, child protection le humanitarian le inzawma dan hai inza a zawm ve dingin suoi an zu kei a nih.

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