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Doctorate Degree hmu thar

Thursday, November 20, 2014

/ Published by VIRTHLI
Vawisun khan Tezpur University, 12th Convocation nei a ni a, hi huna hin Pi Lalthakim Hmar chu Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) inhlan a lo ni tah. Pi Lalthakim Hmar hi Tezpur University, Department of Cultural Studies hnuoia zo a ni a, a Doctoral Thesis chu "Role of Women in the Expressive Behaviours of the Hmars of Assam" ti a nih.

Dr. Lalthakim Hmar hi Pu (Late) Thanga Zate le Pi Hringthangzo Zate of Muolhoi, Haflong hai nau a nih. Pasal neiin nau pahni an nei taa an sungkuo in tuhin Lecturers’ Quarter, Assam University, Silchar ah an khawsa mek a nih.

Inchukna tieng:
Class X (HSLC) - St. Agnes’ Convent High School, Haflong, 1996
Class XII (HSSLC) - Haflong Government College, 1998
B.A (Eng. Hons) - Haflong Government College, 2001
M.A (Eng.) from Gauhati University, 2004
Ph.D Admission hi 2008 khan a thawa 20th November,2014 in Doctorate Degree hi a hmu a nih.

Sin thawna:
Karimganj College Department of English ah Lecturer sin 2005-2006 sung khan a thawa, kum 2007 khan Department of English, Assam University, Silchar Campus ah Assistant Professor sin hmu in tuchen hin a sin hi ala thaw zing a nih. Kum 2013 khan Assistant Professor Stage-II promotion khawm alo hmu tah a nih.

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