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Monday, October 8, 2012

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
~Muona Infimate

At first sight, the  mist-clad village can be mistaken for Ooty, if not Shimla,or it can be mistaken to somewhere in the Kashmir Valley.Bungkhawpui is a unique village unmatched by another in the entire region.The village has its own brand of beauty and mesmerizes you every time you set foot in it. It’s a village of great scenic beauty with undulating river, gurgling mountain streams and picturesque mountains. It is said that Mother Nature has been extra generous in her. It is indeed a village of exquisite natural beauty and splendour.

The village is believed to have been first inhabitated by Langrongs,Darlong,chiru,Keipeng and Anals in circa 1400 A.D. Pu Ngamneisang set up the village in 1987.Literally, the name of the village has been derived from the two words-PAR(flower) and BUNG(base). Parbung, one of the cleanest villages in Manipur’s Churachandpur district, is situated in the south western corner of the state, bound by Vangai range in the west, Pherzawl and Talan on the east, and Taithu on the north, and shares a boundary with Lungthulien in the south. The village is also the sub-divisional headquarter of Tipaimukh.This beautiful village is located about 226 kms away from Manipur’s capital Imphal and the national highway 150 runs through it.

Parbung, popularly known as Bungkhawpui is skirted by mosaic landscape and majestic hills like Lunglen tlang, Sabutlang, Sangharkhawthlir-tlang and Parbung sip-tlang.Being bounded by important rivers Barrak and Suorkawi on the west, and Tuibum in the east, you can take an introspective walk to the river and forest beyond. You can also study the flora and fauna and go fishing using the village’s traditional kit. And if I am to chose one among those rivers.I would chose Suorkawi because;Suorkawi is a seductive,playful,romantic and sensous river. She is also moody and tempestuous. But you have to persue her with passion and persistence to know her better.

The village also host a variety of natural waterfalls. Several places in Bungkhawpui resonate with the sound of thundering waterfalls spraying its surrounding with a delicate mist of water. In Bungkhawpui, you can’t miss the Vawmpate falls or the Sumrisang falls. It’s a must for all.

If you yearn for some peace amidst the hills and caves. Then, Bungkhawpui should be your next destination. Bat killing has always been a source of merriment for the villagers.Hundred of villagers with burning torches, bamboo poles in their hands swarm into a natural cave at Bakkuo-muol to kill over a thousand bats. They hunt bats mainly for their meat. The cave is located near the left bank of the Barrak River. It’s about 5 kms away from the village and has two holes. The upper hole measures about 7 metres in height and around 5 kms in breadth and is about 70 kms in depth.”There’s no word that can describe how beautiful it is.It’s another world.It’s truly amazing”,gushes R.Thangvel.But till today, the height, breadth and depth of the lower hole remains unknown.”The lower hole is shrouded in mystrery.No one dared to go inside.It is endless and it’s very challenging”, R.Thangvel said.So, step out of your comfort zone and discover the secrets of the wild at Parbung village.For a bat meat lovers,a trip to Bungkhawpui is a must.

Before we set off to explore the surrounding areas.Pu Hmingsang and Pu R.Thangvel meet me here at the middle of the village and they straightaway whisked me off on an hour long trek towards the long bursting Parbung Sip-tlang. It’s a walk filled with sweats, wheezing sounds, breathtaking views and quaint anecdotes. From the multitude of points, one can see different facets of nature coexisting with the village. We could hear the cries of exotic birds echoing over the vast expenses of forest. The route is scenic and as we move on we were greeted by a host of chirpy birds flying majestically around us. We just could not stop mid-way. What a magnificent view await us at the end of the climb! We were simply mesmerized. Pu R.Thangvel told me how the village came to be called Parbung.”Parbung Sip-tlang was once blessed with many known and unknown orchids. When they bloom the entire hillock looks reddish, and it was so charming that it captivates the eyes of the distant viewers and, the villagers called the flowering of the beautiful red orchids as ‘Parsenbung’ which then morphed into Parbung”, says R.Thangvel. But on the way down it started raining but we were full of the enchanting view that we did not mind the stormy wind and the lashing rain.

Blessed with the undulating lush green landscape, the land of beautiful hills has made a number of achievements in the field of education. It has produced civil servants like John B Tlangtinkhuma IAS, Challienkhum IRS, Darzakhum IRS, Best Educationist Awardees, Prof.L.Fimate and toppers in various Universities.

“The village is a heavenly place and a veritable paradise on earth.There is no power cut in the village, the home stay is powered by solar lamp. But I had no complaint, it was pretty comfortable.The villagers are vibrant, sociable and kind”, says a visitor from Churachandpur.” The villagers welcome complete strangers into their home, ready to share their stories and meals with a heartfelt generosity. Every family made us feel welcome as we toured the village’’, John Lalramthang of Pherzawl vllage said.

Bungkhawpui is also a perfect fruit and nut village,if ever there was one. The forest here are deep and dark .”If you are looking for comfort luxery. Parbung is not your scene. There’s no glamour here. But a sense of space and serenity will always greet you in Bungkhawpui”, Pu.Lura, a village elder said . “I have been to Bungkhawpui for several times and each time I had the privilege of enjoying warm hospitality offered by the Bungkhawpuians. My heart leaped when I got the chance to roam in the street,” says a visitor from Churachandpur’s Saidan village.

Life in this mountainous village is delightfully simple and the inhabitants are entirely self supporting, independent and self-reliant.  The  village is a  heavently place and a veritable paradise on earth. And  because of the hospitable homestay,guests have left the village to come visiting again and again . The natural beauty and pleasant weather makes it an ideal place to live in. And   for those who crave for adventure and excitement , there are charisma and saga  in exploring  its natural beauty . Summon one who needs to lighten up and relax in this pristine village.

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