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Deprived Parbung look to Mizoram for solace

Sunday, September 16, 2012

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
Imphal: DEPRIVED OF all the developmental works, the villagers of Parbung in Churachandpur district have cursed themselves for being under the government of Manipur and expressed their desire to be associated with the neighbouring state of Mizoram.

Parbung is a small village located at a distance of over 200 kms from New Lamka, Churachandpur along Tipaimukh road (NH 02).Bordering with Mizoram, the village is mainly dominated by Hmar tribe.

There are around 600 households in the village with growing paddy as their main livelihood.

Pouring out their hearts to this Reporter, villagers of Parbung said that "It is a curse to be under the Manipur Government.

If we had been under the administration of Mizoram Government, all development programmes including construction of roads, health centres, educational institutions, drinking water facilities and the likes would have been taken care of years back" .

Basic necessities like drinking water, electricity and excess to halth care services are still a distant dream in Parbung.

Most of the daily requirements of the people in this village are brought in from Mizoram, and this is due to deplorable condition of the road from Churachandpur to Parbung.

In the absence of electricity supply, the villagers have been relying upon their 'self bought' Solar plates.

At the time of organizing some community feasting or celebration, the village is lighted with the help of a generator.

However, on the other side of the border, the people of Mizoram are enjoying uninterrupted power supply throughout the night, much to the chagrin of Parbung villagers.

With less than 10 percent of the entire population getting the light of education, Parbung village still longs for educational institutions to be set up.

At present there is just one Anganwadi Centre and two missionary schools in the village.

Though a Community Health Care centre (CHCC) has been constructed in Parbung with 6 doctors, 4 grade-IV staffs, 1 ANM nurse, 2 senior nurses and two helpers, the CHCC still lacks sufficient medical equipments for providing necessary treatment to patients.

At the same time, the patients also face problems of insufficient supply of medicine.

When this reporter went to inspect the CHCC, a doctor, who was found performing his duty, informed that even though there are no medical equipments and tools to give treatment to the patients, he is doing his level best to give the best services to his patients.

However, shortage of medicines is one big problem encountered while extending health care services to the people of Parbung, the doctor hastened to add.

~Source: Hueiyen News Service / Halley Gurumayum (
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