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Quit deadline over, Myanmar may take action against Indian rebels

Thursday, June 14, 2012

/ Published by Simon L Infimate

Jun 13, 2012, 07.15AM IST

GUWAHATI: Two days after the lapse of the deadline given to Indian insurgent groups(IIGs) by the Myanmarese government to leave the neighbouring country, army personnel have been positioned in close proximity of the rebels' camps, but there is no report of any militants fleeing across the border to India.

"The Myanmarese army has positioned itself close to the camps of IIGs at Taga and other places but everything is as usual. There are more than 3,000 cadres of IIGs in Myanmar and there have been no reports of any of these groups moving to India, though there is pressure on the Meitei outfits," a top security source said.

Soon after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's visit to Myanmar last month, the Myanmarese government asked IIGs, particularly the Manipuri outfits, to leave the country by June 10. Union home minister P Chidambaram appreciated Myanmar's positive response and expressed hope that the neighbouring country would hand over arrested Indian militants to India.

It now appears that the June 10 deadline was given by NSCN(K) supremo S S Khaplang to four Manipuri outfits — UNLFPrepakPLA and KYKL. "There is certain pressure on the outfits of Manipur. Even Khaplang is under pressure from the Centre to withdraw his support from all the other IIGs, particularly the Meitei outfits," the source said.

The NSCN(K), which has a ceasefire agreement with the Centre, on April 9 signed a parallel five-point ceasefire agreement with the Myanmarese government at Khamti in Sagaing division. The NSCN(K) has also opened a liaison office at Khamti, an act that has not gone down well with the Centre.

The NSCN(K) calls the shots as far as giving shelter to other IIGs in Myanmar is concerned. The NDFB, Ulfa and Meitei groups have set up their hideouts in Myanmar with support and help of the NSCN(K).

"For all these years, the IIGs having been staying in Myanmar and it could not have been possible without some kind of understanding with the Myanmarese army and its intelligence. We know for sure that the Meitei groups and other IIGs have been paying money to the Myanmarese army and intelligence through the NSCN(K). So, whatever is happening now is feared to be just a cosmetic venture. Six months ago, the Myanmarese army had closed in on camps of IIGs, but without firing a single shot, the army withdrew from its position. The same thing is happening now," the source said. (~TOI)

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