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North Cachar Hills Indigeneous Students' Forum in March ni 16 khan dharna an nei

Saturday, March 17, 2012

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
Guwahati: North Cachar Hills Indigeneous Students' Forum (NCHISF) chun zani March ni 16 khan inchuklai mi 100 neka tam fekhawmin Assam sawrkar Secretariat tuolah dharna an nei. Hi le inruol hin Chief minister kuomah memorandum peklut ani bawk. NC Hills hmun hi a the ani ding chungchang hi sawrkar in ngun taka anhma tieng taka ngaituo ding le India danpui Article 224 (2) Sixth Schedule dungzui a NC Hills hi the vat dingin memorandum a chun an hni. NC Hills hi nikum lai a "Dima Hasao" (Hill district of the Dimasas) ti a mipui hai nuom le nuomlo a silai le thang a lo thleng a nih.

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