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Tipaimukh under Hmar extremists’ control

Friday, February 10, 2012

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
KOLKATA: The members of an extremist group of the Hmar, a dominant tribe of Tipaimukh, control the vast area adjacent to the much-talked-about Tipaimukh Dam project.

Several militant organizations are active in Manipur State with different demands. But, Hmar Peoples Convention-Democratic’ (HPC-D) is the most influential extremist group.

Banglanews correspondent got the information while visiting the impassable and hill tract areas of Jiribam, Senbum and Churachandpur districts of the state.

HPC-D does not want the Tipaimukh Dam on Barak River. They also vowed several times to prevent the construction of the dam.

Wholesaler of Fulertol market Pradeep Pal told banglanews the daily essential demands of one third people in Monirampur is supplied from the Fulertol Port.

He added: “Though Bangla-spoken people are the majority in Fulertol, but Hmar is the dominant in the area.”

Barak River is the easiest way of communications in Tipaimukh and adjacent areas. So, the main aim of HPC-D and other extremists is to establish control over the river.

The HPC-D sets Check-post, Kachurbali, in 10-kilometer far from Jakuradahr. All boats plying in Barak River are compelled to stop at the check-post.

No boat can play on Barak River sans the license provided by HPC-D. They issued a number written on a steel plate as ‘license’, the boatmen have to paste it in front of their boats.

Each big size boat has to pay Rs 2,000 to HPC-D per year for playing on the river.
On condition of anonymity, owner of an engine-driven boat in Barak River told banglanews that they have no fear about the toll collection by the extremists. They give the money happily.

He said, “We had not any security of lives to go upstream from Jakuradahr earlier three to four years. But now we are secured for HPC-D.”

However, the boat owners, boatmen and passengers of Barak River are panicked of the sub extremist groups. They behaved like the terrorists of Bangladesh.

A boatman said the small extremist groups feared of the HPC-D members.

~Anwarul Karim, Diplomatic Correspondent
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