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HSA Memo to Delhi CM on Rape Case

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

/ Published by Simon L Infimate

Joint HeadquartersDelhi

RegdNo. 820/67 (Manipur); 29/67 (Assam); 6/88 (Mizoram)


Ref. HSAD/25/01/2012 January 25, 2012


Sheila Dikshit

Chief Minister

Government of Delhi


Subject: Justice for raped victim.
Dear Madam,

We, the Hmar Students' Association, Joint Headquarters, Delhi would like to bring to your notice that one of our female member was physically beaten, tortured and raped by one Mr. Anuj Saini on the night of 18th of January, 2012 at Dwarka, Delhi.

The raped victim aged 20 years, Miss Ruth <name changed>, who is a Tribal Christian and working in a Spa company in Gurgaon was offered a lift in a car by the rapist on the night of 18th Janaury, 2012 on her way back to her rented place in Mahipalpur, New Delhi. Instead of dropping her to her place, the rapist Mr. Anuj Saini drove her to an unknown and isolated location somewhere in Bamnoli area of Dwarka Sector 28 and physically abused, tortured and raped her.
After escaping from the rapist, the raped victim returned to her place and an FIR was filed at the Police Station, Dwarka Sector 28, Delhi on 19th January, 2012 against the rapist (FIR No. 11 Dated 19/01/2012) and the case against the rapist registered under IPC 365 and 376 and her statement taken by the concerned Police. The Police, who promised to arrest the rapist after 2 hours of filing of the report, arrested the rapist only after 5 days after the incident.

Considering the seriousness of this case and similar incidents that happened at the National Capital Region (NCR) and the unprecedented racial/gender-based violence meted to the people of North East India living in NCR, we, the Hmar Students' Association, Delhi demands the following to be taken up by your good office at the earliest so that justice be delivered to the victim, who is physically and mentally disturbed by the trauma she went through:

  1. That, the rapist be punished appropriately without fail as per the law of the country.

  2. That, the rapist in the case be further booked under suitable sections of the Scheduled Castes and Tribes (Prevention ofAtrocitiesAct, 1989.

  3. That, the victim be compensated as per the Scheduled Castes and Tribes (Prevention of AtrocitiesAct, 1989 and any other prevailing laws that cover this nature of crime.

  4. That, a special cell headed by an IPS officer from North East India be established within the Delhi Police to pro-actively deal with the issues and problems regularly faced by people from the North East India in NCR.

  5. That, justice be delivered fairly to the raped victim at the earliest.





Hmar Students Association
Joint Headquarters, Delhi

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