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SoO between the Government of Mizoram and the HPC(D) no longer exist

Monday, June 27, 2011

/ Published by Simon L Infimate



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27th June, 2011

Despite its repeated demarches and expressions of its seriousness for the “Hmar–Government of Mizoram Talks” to find a political solution to the Hmar issues in Mizoram, the Government of Mizoram has severely failed to uphold its commitment as it has not taken any perceptible step (a) to extend the Suspension of Operation (SoO) agreement and (b) to convey the date and venue for the talks as requested in writing by the HPC(D). While maintaining a stony silence on the official communique, some local, regional and as well as national newspapers, however, carried baseless and irresponsible statements from responsible authorities which were not only propagandistic but contained no element of truth.

The wayward attitude of the Government of Mizoram has given the impression that it is keener in derailing the peace process than opening honourable democratic platform to work out a solution to the legitimate demands of the Hmar people as enshrined in the Constitution. This attitude is in complete contrast with the stand of the HPC(D) which strongly believes in securing the constitutional rights of the Hmars in Mizoram and is committed to do the same by all means. The HPC(D) hereby reiterates that it will never allow anyone to extinguish or compromise the political aspirations of the Hmar people.

In the absence of any proactive interests on the part of the Government of Mizoram in extending the SoO period as well as in the progress of the “Hmar-Government of Mizoram Talks”, the HPC(D), hereby, declares that the “Suspension of Operation” between the Government of Mizoram and the HPC(D) has no longer existed.

If, however, the Government of Mizoram, realizing the need to uphold its constitutional responsibility, is willing to renew its commitment for talks, the HPC(D) stands to its commitment in finding a peaceful solution and will not stand on the way to the extension and redefining of the period of SoO. The HPC(D) wants people to know that while preparation for talks has been going on, talks have yet to start and the ball is in the court of the Government of Mizoram.

The deplorable plights of the Hmar people in Mizoram will remain the legitimate concern of the HPC(D). The blank accord of 1994 is deceptive and some of the provisions are outside the jurisdiction of the Indian Constitution. The Accord is an insult to the Government of Mizoram as well as the affected people. The Government of Mizoram should immediately stop inflicting injustices through this sham accord. The 1994 Accord cannot define or fulfill the political aspirations of the Hmar people. That blank accord should be declared null and void.

The HPC(D) will not stand silent in the face of (a) institutional injustices ceaselessly unleashed to murder Hmar culture, language and literature; (b) exploitation by people in power that marginalized their land, rivers and natural resources and deprived them of everything basic to their lives and existence; (c) sinister designs to displace them from their ancestral land by damming their rivers and submerging their ancestral homes with offers of dirty compensation for their extinction; and (d) any attempt to wipe them off from the face of the earth.

The collective leadership of the Sinlung Hills Development Council (SHDC) have resigned from March 4, 2011 in protest against the role of Mizoram Government (a) in forcing them to function as an interim Council for 15 long years (b) in exploiting the Council to create division among the Hmar people and (c) and for its failure to implement the provisions of the 1994 Accord, which, inter alia, provides for upgradation of the status of the Council to that of Autonomous District Council. It is a sad commentary that the Government of Mizoram has, knowingly and willfully, allowed itself to be a party to discriminate and exploit the Hmar people. Enough is enough. The Government of Mizoram should immediately stop using SHDC to blind and brand the Hmar people with all its manufactured negatives.

The HPC(D) desires that no member of the Hmar tribe, or anyone, in any capacity, should, hereon, quest for the chair of the SHDC. Any individual or group(s) not heeding the wishes of HPC(D) shall be responsible for the damage and consequences that their misdeeds will cause to their own people and to themselves. It is time to learn to denounce the grave insult slung on the face of the people in SHDC.

Despite the interplay of narrow and myopic interests in the run up of the talks, the HPC(D) firmly upholds the need for a democratic resolution to the Hmar political issues in Mizoram. At this critical juncture, the HPC(D) expects that, in the interest of the people of Mizoram in general and the people of SHDC in particular, the Government of Mizoram ought to bear its moral and political responsibilities to resolve the Hmar issues in Mizoram once and for all.




General Secretary

Hmar People's Convention (Democratic)

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