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Safety Measures for New Comers in Delhi

Sunday, June 12, 2011

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
As measures against racial and criminal attacks in India’s notorious capital, Delhi, the North East Support Centre & Helpline (NESCH)  issued a statement listing safety measures to all northeasterners who come to Delhi.

NE Helpline Appeals and Issues Safety Measurement for New Comers

New Delhi, June 11, 2011

The safety is top most concern for North Easterners in Delhi and National Capital Region (NCR). Panic of racial attack spreads across North East region with the news of unidentified boy, whose feature looks like a North Easterner found dead near India Gate on June 9 morning. North East Support Centre & Helpline appeals safety concern for North East communities and issues safety guideline for new comers in Delhi and NCR.

Whole North East communities living in Delhi and NCR are socked once again and worried about their safety in National Capital cities as racial attack on communities continues unabated. An unidentified young man is found dead near India Gate, the body kept in Ram Lohia Manohar Hospital Mortuary, whose photograph also put up at Nagaland House by Naga Students Union, Delhi for public identification.

The safety concern for North Easterners has been expressed by various public figures. Dr. Thokchom Meinya, Honorable Member of Parliament from Manipur has also visited R. L. M. Hospital today and expressed deep concern of safety for North East communities in National Capital.

Another man belonging to Vaiphei community from Manipur, working in a BPO company in Gurgaon has also been reported missing from Delhi. He went to Inter State Bus Terminal (ISBT) to catch a bus for Gourakhpur, Uttar Pradesh to visit his cousins on May 21, 2011. His luggage was found by Delhi police and informed his relative through telephone number collected from a dairy found inside the luggage.

Madhu Chandra, Founder Director and Spokesperson of North East Support Centre & Helpline said, “Delhi has reached utmost concern for safety for North Easterners. Delhi police and Government once again need to come up with concrete policy and plan of action to tackle the challenges.” “Manipur Government, in particular, must take up the matter with Central Government about the safety for the communities as most of the victims of racial attack and sexual violence faced are from Manipur state,” say Madhu Chandra.

Taxi and auto drivers target new comers to loot and harass with extra charges. “Over 10,000 new students from North Eastern states come to Delhi annually for admission in various colleges. Most of them carry good amount of money for their college admission and renting houses etc. The perpetrators target these new comers with extra charges and in many occasions the perpetrators loots them,” says Madhu Chandra

North East Support Centre & Helpline issues Safety Guidelines for New Comers in Delhi.

  1. All new comers to Delhi must know that Delhi has become most unsafe for women and particularly North Easterners.

  2. Ensure mature and experience persons to accompany new comers while travelling to Delhi and NCR.

  3. Ensure mature and experience persons to pick up from Airport or Railway stations. Take your own convene wherever possible otherwise take Pre-paid taxi run by Delhi Police, which are available inside arrival of Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. AVOID taking standby Auto Rickshaws and Taxis.

  4. Most of the trains coming from North East India are terminated at Anand Vihar Railway Station, which is after Ghaziabad, UP.

  5. Taxi booking counter will give you two tickets, one for Taxi driver and one for you. Do not forget to keep your copy with you.

  6. As soon as you are allotted your taxi, do not forget to note down the Taxi Number and inform your parents back at home and your host in Delhi and NCR, if possible by an SMS.

  7. During your stay in Delhi and NCR, become a part of your student bodies, community welfare associations and your church groups.

  8. Manipur and Nagaland House have started registration of new comers in Delhi. Kindly contact your state house to get more information on safety measurement.

  9. Cultural Integration is important part of Indian society. Attempt for social and cultural integration.

  10. Please Note Delhi Police Helpline Numbers. In case of any emergency, you can ring up. Delhi Police Helpline – 100, Delhi Police Women Helpline – 9091.

  11. North East Support Centre & Helpline will be delighted to extend help for your safety concern during your stay in Delhi. NE Helpline No. 011-25084561, 9871510491, 9716004939, 9810554901.

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