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Khaplang now expels ‘Unification’ members

Saturday, June 11, 2011

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
DIMAPUR, JUN 10 (EMN): The split between NSCN-K and GPRN-NSCN into two groups became clear cut today as Chairman of NSCN-K SS Khaplang came out with a counter expulsion order of key GPRN/NSCN leaders N Kitovi Zhimomi and Azheto Chopy, along with the rest of the ‘Unification’ group members.

At the same time, Khaplang also maintained that the NSCN-K pulled out of the reconciliation process not because it was against it but because of the intentional violation of the resolutions by the other participating groups, particularly namely NSCN-IM.
“On sensing their hidden agenda we declare to fight them tooth and nail and even to this day the NSCN are fighting the reactionary forces in eastern Nagaland as well as in Tirap and Changlang district of Arunachal Pradesh and Southern Nagaland but Mr Zhimomi has been found watching leisurely in so called state of Nagaland and not doing enough in the interest of the NSCN,” Khaplang said in the expulsion order.
The expulsion order released to the press said Zhimomi, as a national leader, has failed to stand by the ethics of the revolutionary which is ‘guided by its strong will and commitment to the people to liberate from the occupational forces and prepare ground for that.’
Stating that he, in his capacity as Chairman of the party, has for too long patiently overlooked the mistakes committed in the past, Khaplang said the expulsion had become a necessity to ‘save the party from further deterioration and confusion.’
On the expulsion of Kilo Kilonser Azheto Chopy, along with the rest of the members of unification group, Khaplang said the NSCN decided to expel them for ‘misguiding the nation’ and for creating mistrust among the national workers.
He further said they were responsible for tarnishing the image of the organisation by involving in anti-social activities and straying away from the NSCN principles. Their continuous effort to propagate unification by celebrating unification anniversary of a few people with doubtful nature is not at all encouraging, the order also asserted.
It maintained that ‘unity among the Naga people is important provided that there is a common vision to excel the liberation struggle from the hands of occupational forces and should not be merely for personal political mileage or monetary benefits.’
Among those expelled for ‘conniving with the unification group’ and for anti-party activities included Angpa Konyak, Deputy Kilonser, Ministry of Chaplee, Athrom Konyak, Kilonser, Ministry of Lota, Kilonser Seochem Sangtam, Kilonser Yimto Yimchunger, Kilonser Jack Zhimomi and Kilonser Jungshi Wati.

~Eastern Mirror


NSCN/GPRN clarifies

DIMAPUR, JUN 9 (NPN): The NSCN/GPRN has clarified that opinions expressed by some of its members “in private” following the impeachment and expulsion of GPRN/NSCN chairman S.S. Khaplang never reflected its opinion. Stating that NSCN have officially not discussed anything on the matter in any manner whatsoever as it was an internal matter of the Khehoi camp, the NSCN/GPRN, through its MIP statement Thursday, said: “Therefore, what has appeared in the paper never reflects the opinion of the organization/government.” The MIP maintained that either the report was the opinion shared by some individuals or the reporter simply being carried away by the issue. Stating that it was natural for NSCN to disown such report and advise its members to exercise caution in expressing any comment on such sensitive matter, the NSCN/GPRN declared “anyone doing so would face serious action.”

~Nagaland Post
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