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Manipur Board hnuoia marks hmu ṭha hai scholarship pek ding

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
IMPHAL: Directorate of Education (S) chun BSEM hnuoia Class X le COHSEM hnuoia HSSLC hnuoia kum 2010 result puong taa inchuklai thaw ṭha bik hai kuoma Scholarship grant in a pek ding a nih. Mark hmu insang taka inthawka a 300 na chen Class X passed hai kuoma kum khat sung Rs. 6000/- le Class XII passed mark hmu insang dan indawtin Science stream ah mi 125, Arts Stream ah mi 125 le Commerce Stream ah mi 50 hai kuoma Rs. 12,000 seng kum khat sung a pek bawk ding a nih. Hi Scholarship hni thei ding hai chu Class-X ah marks 366 chuong hmu, Class XII Arts ah marks 335 chuong hmu, Science ah marks 395 le Commerce ah marks 300 chuong hmuhai an ni ding a nih. Hienghai baka hin Class X ah mi 50 marks 360 le 366 inkar hmu hai le Class XII (SC) ah mi 25 marks 391 le 395 inkar hmu hai baka Arts ah mi 25 marks 330 le 335 inkar hmu haiin hnina pe lut thei an tih. Anni hi waiting list a sie ning an ta, a remchang dan en a, an chungthu ngaituo ning a tih, tiin T. Ranjit, Director of Education (S), Govt. of Manipur thusuok chun a hril. Hi Scholarship hni thei ding hai chun form kim taka fill up in mani kaina head of institution fe thlengin October 3, 2010 chen hnina peklut thei ning a tih. Hun hawng sunga pe lut lo scholarship dawng phak ding an um chun merit list dungzuiin midang kuoma pek ning a tih. Hi thila dinga Application Form chu Directorate of Education (S) Office-ah lak thei ning a tih.
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