New Delhi, December 12, 2017, Virthli (ONP): Ministry of Finance, Department of Economics Affairs (IES Cadre Division) in November 30, 2017 a Order an suo dungzuiin Pi Sherry Lalthangzo Songate chu Non-Functional Selection Grade (NFSG) Indian Economic Service anthawk Senior Administrative Grade (SAG) Level 14 of Pay Matrix ah alo kaisang tah.

Pi Sherry Lalthangzo Songate hi IES, 1996 batch a ni a, tuhin Director (Planning), North Eastern Council Secretariat, Shillong hmuna thawk mek a nih. Pi Sherry Lalthangzo Songate hi Pu Challienkhum Songate, IRS a nuhmei ani a, ama khawm tuhin Commissioner, Central Goods Service Tax and Central Excise, Govt. Of India ah niin Aizawl hmuna thawk mek a nih.

A kaisangna hi Virthli chun ei lawm pui tak zet.

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