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MTFD issues urgent plea for Justice and Separate Administration

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

/ Published by VIRTHLI

November 29, 2023: The Manipur Tribals' Forum in Delhi issued a press release on November 29, 2023, shedding light on the harrowing situation faced by the Kuki-Zomi-Hmar-Mizo tribes. These communities, con-stituting a significant part of Manipur's demogra-phy, have been enduring over seven months of eth-nic cleansing attacks by the majority Meiteis.

The press release outlined the grave humanitarian crisis, including the destruction of more than 20 villages, the burning down of over 7000 houses, the loss of more than 150 lives, and the displace-ment of more than 40,000 people. It blamed the Meitei-controlled state government, led by N. Bi-ren Singh, for openly siding with the majority community, resulting in a complete breakdown of trust between the Meiteis and the minority tribals.

Key concerns highlighted in the press release:

1. Forced Eviction from Imphal: The tribals, belonging to Kuki-Zomi-Hmar-Mizo communities, have been forci-bly chased out of the capital city, Imphal, making cru-cial government and private facilities inaccessible to them.

2. Meitei-Controlled Government Bias: The Meitei-controlled state government and police have openly favored the majority Meitei community, leading at-tacks on tribal villages and creating an atmosphere of fear.

3. Occupation of Moreh: Manipur State Commandos have occupied the border town of Moreh, creating hav-oc, arresting tribals, and causing a dire shortage of es-sential items.

4. Continued Attacks on Tribal Villages: The press re-lease detailed ongoing attacks on tribal villages, high-lighting a recent ambush in Kangpokpi district that claimed the lives of two tribal men.

5. Selective Justice: The state government's selective jus-tice was condemned, with arrests made for suspected killings of Meitei civilians while no action was taken against Meitei terrorist groups targeting tribals.

6. Misuse of Development Funds: Allegations were raised against non-governmental organizations, aided by the Chief Minister, for misusing funds meant for tribal devel-opment.

7. Cultural Erasure: Attempts to erase tribal history, includ-ing the removal of a chapter on "The Kuki" from school books, were decried as a blatant attempt to undermine trib-al contributions to India's freedom struggle.

8. Discrimination in Education: Open discrimination against tribal students in exams and educational institu-tions, such as the failure of Psychology students from Ray-burn College, was highlighted.

9. Inhumane Conditions in Relief Camps: The press release pointed out the lack of essential items in relief camps and the government's failure to provide assistance.

10. Blockade of Highways: The highway blockade by Meiteis prevents the movement of documents and essential supplies to tribal areas.

11. Healthcare Crisis: Lack of essential medicines and medical equipment in tribal areas, coupled with the misuse of government-issued weapons against tribals, exacerbated the healthcare crisis.

The Manipur Tribals' Forum expressed that there is no hope for coexistence under the current circumstances, asserting that "Separate Administration is the only option for us!" The plea underscores the urgent need for attention and intervention to protect the rights and dignity of the Kuki-Zomi-Hmar-Mizo tribes in Manipur.

Source: Tuithaphai Times

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