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The church is and must remain apolitical

Monday, January 24, 2022

/ Published by VIRTHLI

~ Jr Amo

Legislative Assembly Elections for 5 Indian states are coming up early this year, probably by Feb-March - the Election Commission of India had announced. Accordingly, political parties, party workers and candidates have already started campaigning from East to West, reaching far and reaching the unreachable - because election is just ahead of us.

Central leaders are said to be seen more often in these states than in the national capital. Promises of gold and diamond, a land of milk and honey. Although, if such promises will come true, only time will tell. 

What concerns me recently is that political parties and their candidates are penetrating through the churches and that the churches (generally) are often heard to entertain these politicians and sometimes the armed groups too - by accepting little-known gifts they bought or brought for the church. 

It has become a practice since the past few years, politicians especially during Christmas season visiting Churches with their small gifts - Sweets and sometimes with cash, an amount too little to be mentioned here. It is really concerning to see the practice of luring voters by money and gifts during elections is now taking its root inside the churches or as some may say - denomination!

Politicians have all the privilege to campaign when and wherever they wish to until Election Code of Conduct is announced by the ECI. They can go visit every household, community hall, streets, towns and cities, Reverend and pastors. But, they shouldn't be targeting worship places as such activities are alien to the church and it is a grave concern for the church from various possible invaders that we are witnessing around the country now more often.

If this trend continues, sooner or later we may see flags and manifestos by the walls of the Churches. Or we may hear announcements of party manifestos for the church members. Moreover, several denominations are seen to be having huge respect for politicians and having strong bond with them, keeping them in line with Pastors and Reverends. To be fair, I am not speaking ill of politicians wholly. But, what I like to state here is, Churches should restrain from falling in line with politicians just to gain their favour.

The Godly should not bow at the feet of the ungodly.

It is a known phenomena that Churches are a sacred place esp for the Christians. It has always been a place where songs of praises are sung, the Gospel is learned and preached, and place where prayers are offered.

Relieving the political parties and politicians, churches must also guard their platform as well as its sanctity and of course reminds us of its apolitical stand every now and then.

Unless churches stand up and guard their holiness and politicians respect the sentiments of the Churches. Politics will be a threat and endanger the Christian community and the fall of the Churches might not be a distant scenario.

In order to remain in-situ, protect its sacredness - the church is and must remain apolitical.

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