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Thil man kaisang hrat le inzawmin JPO in thusuok a siem

Friday, October 25, 2019

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
CCPur, October 25, 2019, Virthli (ONP): Churachandpur District sunga nitin mamawhai man a kaisang hrat le inzawmin Joint Philanthropic Organisation (JPO) chun dawrkai le sumdawnghai chu Retail Price pangngaia zawr dingin a hnuoia ang hin thusuok an siem.
Office of the
Joint Philanthropic Ogranisation (JPO)
Churachandpur, Manipur.

Churachandpur, the 25th October, 2019

It is learned that price of essential commodities has been absurdly rise in Churachandpur District and people are facing a great hardship. The Joint Philanthropic Organisation (JPO) totally condemned this irrational price rise made by some selfish business establishment. To contain this illogical price increase, the JPO feels the need to make strict instructions to all business establishments to obey the following points and stringent punitive action will be taken by the JPO to anyone who does not abide the said instructions.

1. All Business establishments should sale commodities at the Retail Price.
2. Essential commodities viz. Rice, Dal, Potato, Onion, Sugar, Garlic, Chilly, Meat etc should be sale in a reasonable price which was prevailed in the current year.
3. All Business establishments should ensure giving receipt to customer.
4. Oil Pump should fill Petrol/Diesel to vehicle tank only.
5. Vegetables, fruits and Textile products should be sale at the market price which was prevailed in the current year.

President, ZYA-GHQ
President, YMA Manipur Group

President, KKL-GHQ

President, HYA-GHQ

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