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SHC nomination file hun a zo, hriet thei chinah candidate 38

Thursday, October 10, 2019

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
Aizawl, 10 October, 2019, Virthli: Sinlung Hills Council (SHC) general election hmasatak nomination file thei hun sung chu vawisun zantieng dar 3 khan a tawp tah a, inbiekpawna a ṭhattâwk naw leiin hriet thei chinah biel 12 ah mi 38 laiin nomination hi an file a nih.


I. Khawlian Constituency

1. Pu Hrangkunga- IND ( Supported by HPC and MNF)
2. Pu Rodingliana- INC
3. Pu Rosiem- IND
4. Pu Thanglura- IND

II. Phuaibuang Constituency
1. Pu Zokapliana - MNF (supported by HPC)
2. Pu Vanlalsiamsanga- INC
3. Pu Thangkapkhuma-IND

III. Suangpuilawn Constituency
1. Pu Lalvenhima Hmar- IND (Supported by MNF & HPC)
2. Pu H. Lalhriatpuia- INC
3. Pu C. Lalronunga- BJP
4. Pu C. Lalkhuma (MPP)

IV. Vanbawng Constituency
1. Pu Ricky Lalremsanga - MNF (Supported by HPC)
2. Pu David Lalrinzuala - INC

V. Ratu Constituency
1. Pu H. Lalengzauva- MNF (Supported by HPC)
2. Pu Lalthlamuana- INC

VI. New Vervek Constituency
1. Pu C. Lalnungtlanga - MNF (Supported by HPC)
2. Pu C. Vanlalhruaia- INC

VII. Sakawrdai South Constituency
1. Pu Lalremruata Varted- IND (Supported by HPC & MNF)
2. Pu Lalhriatchhunga- IND
3. Pu Laldinliana- INC

VIII. Sakawrdai North Constituency
1. Pu Lalthlamuana Hmar- IND (Supported by HPC & MNF)
2. Pu Lalrammuanpuia- INC
3. Pu Lalfakzuala -IND
4. Pu Darrosang - IND
5. Pu Rohringa - IND

IX. Zohmun Constituency
1. Pu HC Lalmalsawma- MNF (Supported by HPC)
2. Pu Zaithangpuia - INC

X. Tinghmung Constituency
1. Pu Lalmalsawma Darngawn -  MNF (Supported by HPC)
2. Pu Darliensang Ralsun - INC
3. Pu VL Khawbung- IND
4. Pu Rorela - IND

XI. Saipum Constituency
1. Pu CS Lalruatliana - MNF (Supported by HPC)
2. Pu Lalrinsanga Ralte- IND
3. Pu Lalrawngbawla Pulamte- IND

XII. Saiphai Constituency
1. Pu Lalbiaknunga - IND (Supported by HPC & MNF)
2. Pu Ramhluna- INC
3. Pu HA Dawngliana - BJP
4. Pu Lalawithanga- IND

Candidate hai hi biek thei chin le party tin in official candidate an puong dan a nih. Hmun thenkhat biek thei an ni naw bakah election official hai contact thei an la ni naw leiin official takin confirmantion ruok chu a la um nawh. Chulleiin candidate hi la pung thei an nih
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