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Hmar Artists’ Association General Conference Programme

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
General Headquarters


A Hun: 26th – 27th July 2019
A Hmun: Saikawt Youth Club Hall

Chief Host: Mary Lalrengpui, Promotor HAA
Chief Guest: Dr. Chaltonlien Amo,
Honorable MLA, Tipamukh A/C
Functional President : Lalhrillien, EM, ADCC
Former President, HAA

Guest Of Honours :
1. Pu Lalditsang – EM, ADCC
2. Pu Lal Hossan – MDC, ADCC
3. Pu Lalhmangpui – MDC, ADCC
Chief Host: Mary Lalrengpui, Promotor HAA

Special Invitees : Hmar Dignitaries

Day -1  : HAA Entertainment

A Hun: 26th July 2019, 12:00 noon
Comperes:  John L. Varte & Lalremsiem
Opening Prayer: Lalmuonthang, Former President HAA
Welcome Note: Lalvullien, President HAA, Gen. HQs.
HAA Red Carpet: Guests, Invitees and Artists’
(Introduction & Questionnaire of Dignitaries & Artists’)
HAA Awards Semna: HAA Gen. HQ
HAA Non-Stop Hits: Hmar Artistes
Vote of Thanks: John L. Varte, Asst. Secretary, HAA Gen. HQ.               
Special Items:
1. The Great Magician – Ozaka
2. HAA Moral Sketch

DAY – 2 : HAA Business Session & Election

A Hun: 11:00am, 27th July 2019
A Hmun: Saikawt Youth Club Hall

Session – 1 :
Business Session (Rorêl)

Convenor: HAA Gen. HQs
Dedication of the Programme: Rev. Lalthlunglien
1. Secretary Report
2. Financial Report
3. Joint HQ/Area/Unit Report

Agenda pholangna: Secretary, HAA Gen., HQ.
Rorêlna : President, HAA Gen. HQ.
Zero Hour: If Any
Resolution Tiemlangna: Secretary, HAA Gen., HQ.


Hun Keithuoitu : Hmar Inpui – Election Comissioner
Order of Election:
1. Nina le Files Inhlânna (surrendering of designation & files)
2. Election
3. Declaration of Election Result and Oat taking Ceremony
4. Charge inhlanna
5. Thuoitu thar hai Țawngțai pêkna le hun kharna:  Rev. Joseph R. Joute

Sd/- Lalvullien Hmar

Sd/- Joseph M. Pakhuongte

Hmar Artists’ Association
General Headquarters
Manipur - 795128

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