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HAA Performance Award Nomination Round Results

Friday, July 19, 2019

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
Best Artistes Gospel: Choir
1. Ngaibantlang Presbytery
2. EFCI Muolhlum
3. Blessed Choir
4. ICI Central Choir
5. Serafim Voice

Best Artistes Gospel: Female
1. Lalparzo
2. Jeneth Varte
3. Hossanmawi Songate
4. Mami Sinate
5. Margy Lalremruati

Best Artistes Gospel: Male
1. Boia Puruolte
2. H.N Zate
3. Boris Ramnghakmawi
4. Joseph M. Pakhuongte
5. Michael Paugoulian

Best Artistes Saihla/Lênglâwng: Female
1. Lorinda Varte
2. Christina Shakum
3. Laldongkim
4. Mary Jones
5. Emma Pachuau

Best Artistes Saihla/ Lênglâwng: Male
1. B. Lalsanglien Inbuon
2. Lalsanglien Zote
3. Lalneihlim Joute
4. Vincent Hekte
5. Lien Shakum

Most Promising Artistes - Gospel: Female
1. Merrilyn Varte
2. Laldampui Pena
3. J. Ramcheimawi
4. Rosiemkim
5. Lydia

Most Promising Artistes - Gospel : Male
1. H.N. Zate
2. Vanlalchhunga
3. Michael Pagoulian

Most Promising Artistes - Saihla Lênglâwng: Female
1. Lorinda Varte
2. Melody Varte
3. Mercy Lalumpui

Most Promising Artistes - Saihla/Lênglâwng : Male
1. B. Lalsanglien Inbuon
2. Lallukhum Neitham
3. Joshua Buhril
4. Joshua Khawbung
5. Mortimer Joute

Best Video: Gospel
1. HN Zate (Nakie Pha)
2. Ngaibantlang Presbytery (Aw Ka Tlantu)
3. Jeneth Varte (A hin Hringna Tuikhur)

Best Video : Saihla/ Lênglâwng
1. Aw Ngailai Chat Lupi
2. Pengpelep
3. Hmangaina Thawnthu
4. Joshua Buhril (Ka hmangai che)
5. Vincent Hekte (Valmawi)

Best Actor: Female
1. Elizabeth Khawbung (Ngailai Chat Lupi)
2. Grace (A rem nawh maw )
3. Emma Pachuau (Siengkhuol D)
4. Laldinpui (Valmawi)
5. Ellery Lalengzam sungte (Kan Nghil theilo 5th November)

Best Actor : Male
1. Clandy Intoate (Ngailai Chat Lupi)
2. Jeffrey (A rem nawh maw)
3. Joshua Buhril
4. Emmanuel Zate (Kan Nghil theilo 5th November)

Best Musician: Modern
1. Rodik Keivom
2. Leonard
3. Semika Band

Best Musician : Traditional
1. Pengpelep
2. Lalneisang (Flute)

Best Artist (Art)
1. Ararat Arts (Lalneisang)
2. Ozaka
3. Mawia Art
4. Shan Art

Best Dancer
1. Raymond
2. Melody (Haire Hai)
3. Jeoffrey
4. Grace

Best Songwriter : Gospel
1. Solomon V Hmar
2. Rev. H.P. Rûnremthang

Best Songwriter: Saihla/Lênglâwng
1. B. Lalsanglien Inbuon (Aw Ngailai Chat Lupi)
2. J.C. Charlie Zohminglien (Hmangaina Thawnthu)
3. Joshua L Thiek (Nan mi try lem el rawh)
4. S. Lalramhlun (HSA Kan hlimna)

Most Viewed: Gospel
To be Announced Directly.

Most Viewed: Saihla/ Lênglâwng
To be announced Directly.

Awardee Dingin a chunga Nominees hai hi an categories ang peia lo vote nawk dingin eiin fiel. Tuta inthawk Vote thei nghal an tah.

Whatsapp ngei a vote ning a tih.

A vote na ding no. chu a hnuoia no. hi ning a tih. (9774722931)

A vote dân ding chu, category tin a hin pakhat pei ei i dit tak kha thlanga vote na ding number/whatsapp link pek a hin thawn el ding a nih.

Last Date of Voting - 23rd July, 2019 (08:00 pm chen)

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