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The 16th State Level Hmar Martyrs Trophy 2nd Quarter Final

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
CCPur, May 08, 2019, Virthli (ONP): HMARTOB huoihawtna hnuoia The 16th State Level Hmar Martyrs'  Trophy 2nd Quarter Final chu vawisun khan nei a nih. Hi huna hin Khuollienin Pu Zara Sungte, ICI, Social Worker a thang a, thu tha tak tak khuollien a inthawkin ngaithlak a nih. Hi huna hin Pu Lalvullien Hmar, Chairman, HMARTOB in khuollien chawimawina thilpek memento inhlanna hun a hmang a. Khuollien khawma HMARTOB hai thilpek inhlanna a nei ve. Hi hunser hmang huna hin Hnam Pasaltha (L) Malsawmkima, a thina champha May 8, 2015 le inzawmin inzana suklangnain to tawka sunna hunser silent prayer nei a nih. Khuollien in Players hai inspection a nei zoin 2nd Quarter Final Match chu Kapthuom MT, Muolvaiphei le Tuithaphai FC ha'n an inkhel a, Tuithaphai FC chun 2-1 in hratna an lo chang ta a nih. Man of the Match inTuithaphai FC player- Jangneithang thlang a ni a, match inkhel zo a ni hunah Khuollienin prize inhlanna a nei. Zinga (May 9, 2019) 2:30PM hin 3rd Quarter Final Saikot Youth Club (SYC) le SYMROPIA FC ha'n inkhel an tih.

Photographs by Muona Infimate

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