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The 16th State Level Hmar Martyrs Trophy Quarter Final tan

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
By Muona Infimate, & Seiminlun Kipgen, Virthli (ONP)

CCPur, May 07, 2019, Virthli (ONP): HMARTOB huoihawtna hnuoia The 16th State Level Hmar Martyrs Trophy 2019 Quarter Final chu vawisun khan tan a ni tah. Hi huna hin Khuollienin Pu Ramhninglo, OC, Excise Dept., Govt. of Manipur le Pu Timothy Z. Zote, Chairam, SSDDC & Editor, Manmasi Digest hai an thang a. Hun hawng tawngtaina Pu Lalhrietzing, Vice- Chairman, HMARTOB in a nei a, Pu Lalvullien Hmar, Chairman, HMARTOB in khuollien hai chawimawina thilpek inhlanna hun a hmang a. Khuollien hai khawma HMARTOB hai thilpek inhlanna an nei ve. Hi huna khuollien haiin thu an hrilna a chun mimal sin le insung sin hai maksan a Hmar Martyrs Trophy ngaipawimaw a hnam ta dinga hringna hlu tak inhlantuhai hrietzingna dinga hieng ang tournament an huoihawt hi lawmum an ti thu le inpakum an ti thu hai an hril. Hi tuornament hi tluong taka fe pei dingin le a nipui ni May 16 a khawm hin hlawtling taka program hmang dingin HMARTOB hai an ditsakna an inhlan. Khuollien han  Players hainspection an nei  zoin 1st Quarter Final Match chu FAST, Rengkai le  FC ZOTAL ha'n inkhel a, game a en an hawiin thlirtu mipui an tam thei ta hle! FAST chun 2-0 a hnein hratna an lo chang tah.  Man of the Match in FAST player- Ngamginthang (16) thlang a ni a, Khuollienin thilpek inhlanna a nei. Quarter Final a inthawkin Man of the Match hi um pei tang a , lawmman khawm inhlan a ni pei ta ding a nih.

Today's Result :
7th May, 2019 (Tuesday)

FAST-Rengkai 2-0 FC ZOTAL

⚽ Goal-Scorers :
Ngamginthang (16) 68'
Peter Seiminthang Haokip (9) 80+2'


Another quarter-finals disappointment for FC Zotal as Ngamginthang inspired FAST to victory

By  Seiminlun Kipgen

Ccpur, the 7th May, 2019: Hard-working midfielder Ngamginthang Haokip scored a stunning goal late on and Peter Seiminthang Haokip added another in injury time as champions FAST sails through to the semi-finals with a laboured 2-0 victory over FC Zotal in today's tense quarter-finals clash of the ongoing 16th Hmar Martyrs' Trophy 2019 played in front of a strong crowd at Saikot playground, Churachandpur.

As expected, FAST named a similar starting line-up to the side that beat Zeals SC in the previous round with Peter Khumrolian and Daniel Hmar making ways for Seiminmang @ Mangku and Mayo while FC Zotal named a much changed line-up with Ngouba (5) and Naorem Tondonba (18) injected into the starting XI but prolific striker Surjakanta,  towering defender Roshan Singh and goalkeeper Sanaton were missed out thus normal defender Khupsuanthang stood in on goal as a make-shift goalkeeper.

The match began with high intensity as both sides pressed high right from the start with possession shifting from one box to another. Just past the 10-minute mark, FC Zotal had their first sight on goal when a Mungsanglian(21)'s acrobatic strike was denied by FAST goalkeeper Joseph Hmar and although both sides launched series of attack, neither side created genuine goal-scoring chance and the evenly contested first-half ended goalless.

The second-half saw FAST taking upper hand with FC Zotal defending deep, relying on the counter and after a Seiminmang(10)'s distant effort went just wide, FC Zotal skipper Sebastian Thangmuansang Zou(11) had his effort, after fine run, denied by the FAST custodian. With the formidable attacking front of FAST appearing dejected and frustrated by the strong FC Zotal defence marshalled by Abdul Salam @ Yaima (4), the game looked flat and heading for a goalless but entertaining draw. However, with time ticking on for a draw, FAST midfielder Ngamginthang Haokip (16) showed his best days are still with him when he scored a screamer from his left foot 30 yards out that left FC Zotal goalkeeper Khupsuanthang completely helpless and as the match was heading to an end, Peter Seiminthang Haokip(9) made amend of his missed chance late on when he prodded in a rebound that fall on his path after a thunderous Peter Khumrolian(20) left-foot strike hit the inside of the post and FAST emerged 2-0 winners to book a place into the semi-finals.

For his convincing display throughout and his sensational goal, Ngamginthang Haokip was awarded Man-of-the-Match while the result left FC Zotal feeling devastated by their second straight quarter-finals elimination.
🌍 The Starting Line-Ups :

1. Khupsuanthang (goalkeeper).
2. Abdul Salam @ Yaima(4).
3. Pauvang Lianzaw(3).
4. Maqbal (2)
5. Sebastian Thangmuansang Zou(11).
6. Naorem Tondonba(18).
7. Johnny(9).
8. Ngouba (5).
9. Lamsuanthang (7).
10. Mungsanglian (21).
11. Stephen (14).


📋 FAST :
1. Joseph Hmar (goalkeeper).
2. Lalcha Haokip(14).
3. Daniel L Hmar(5).
4. Clement Lalthuoisang(19).
5. Pauginmuan(4).
6. Minlian Vaiphei(8).
7. Ngamginthang Haokip(16).
8. Mayo(7).
9. Peter Seiminthang Haokip(9).
10. Samuel R Hmar(6).
11. Seiminmang @ Mangku(10).

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