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Tak Anlakna Fitness Gym State Level a an che ṭha

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
Muolhoi, December 19, 2018, Virthli (ONP):  Nikhat lai a Dima Hasao District Body Building Championship a lawmman an dawng thu ei lo insuo tah kha ei hriet seng ring a uma, vawisûn 19.12.2018 Majuli Sports Complex, Kamalabari hmun a, 46th Assam State Inter District Body Building Championship, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports Govt. Of India, Indian Body Building Federation hnuoia Mr. Assam 2018 inelna ah Tak Anlakna Fitness Gym Muolhoi an'thawk Category dang danga inelna a ṭhangin hieng a hnuoia ang hin lawmman an dawng ve a nih.

55 Category ah:
3rd Place dawngtu:
Mr. Dima Hasao 2018 ni lai zing Tv. Jimmy Joute, Tak Anlakna member.

65 Category:
3rd Place:
Tv. Azaria Joute
Tak Anlakna member ni lai le (KB Gym Muolhoi a Instructor/Trainer) ni lai zing a nih.

Men Physique:
 2nd Place:
Tv. Prem Karma Gurung, Tak Anlakna member.

Hieng ang hlawtlingna insângtak State Level chena dawng theia an um hi ei lawmpui tak zet a nih. Pu Zara Joute le a team Tak Anlakna member hai hi hnam hming sukmawitu an ni ang hrim in Hmatieng peia khawm hi nêka hlawtlingna insâng lem dawng pei dingin ei ditsakna insângtak ei inhlân.
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