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Kum thar anthawk One Nation, One Driving License

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
New Delhi, October 16, 2018, Virthli (ONP): Kum 2019 anthawk chu India ram pumpuiah Driving License format angkhat, colour, design inang vawnga hmang ta dingin sawrkar thlungpui chun One Nation, One Driving License ti thupuia hmangin Smart driving licence le vehicle’s registration certificate hmang tan a tum.

State le UT hrang hrang han Driving licence an dit dan sengin an siem lei hin sawrkar le traffic police hai a sukbuoi pha hle hlak a nih.

One Nation, One Driving License hi riruong dan chun kum thar July 2019 anthawk chu state tina RTOs han Driving Licenses (DL) an peksuok hai chu design/format angkhat, rawng angkhat le security features hai inang vawng ani ta ding a nih.

One Nation, One Driving License hnuoia Driving license haia hin SIM Card ang microchip le QR codes sie ani ding a nih. Hieng ang card hi hmang ani huna chu traffic police han awlsam takin a neitu details hai hmu thei tang an ta, Card a hin issuing authority, a neitu hming, blood group hai bakah National le State emblem lim hai a chuongsa bawk ding a nih. Hi Card thar apply na dinga sengso hi Rs 20 neka tam lo dinga ti a nih.

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in report a tarlang dungzuiin India ramah nitin Driving License thar 32,000 chuong peksuok le nitin motor thar 43,000 chuong registration thaw an um zie a nih.
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